Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A life well lived

It appears I am, in the words of my son, a "holiday blogger". Looking over this blog, it appears he is right. How do people find the time? (I know..they make it) It has been a busy month. A close friend of mine died a few weeks ago. Her 17 year old son called me on a Tuesday morning. He was understandably upset and informed me that his mother would die in a few hours. She did. We have spent most of this holiday season with this family. In my grieving, I have been thinking about life..and living. My friend led a very full life. It was a life, "well lived". She touched the lives of many around her. Both she and her husband have made an effort to cultivate the relationships of family and friends. This was apparent during the hours of her death and weeks after. I also have been thinking about what defines "success". My friends husband has been working as a civil service worker for their entire marriage. (20 years?) Over this past year, as her medical expenses mounted, he took a second job waiting tables for a Luby's. He helped his children prepare for the death of their mother. He supported her emotionally until she took her last breath. He is openly grieving in front of his family and friends, and not afraid to say, "this is hard." I hope I can be this kind of person. I hope my children will grow up to be this type of person. A person who says, life can be hard. I will take what is dealt to me. I will do whatever needs to be done. I will do so humbly. (Is that really a word?) I will live life fully, the good and the bad. I will not be afraid to embrace either.