Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rewind..and tupperware invasion

We will start with tupperware. Eleven..count them 11 containers we cleaned out of the fridge yesterday in preperation for Thanksgiving. We just cleaned out the fridge 3 weeks ago. Do you know how absolutely insane that is?! We had spaghetti sauce, lasagna, mashed potatoes, chicken-fried steak, green beanse, etc. No one should have this many left-overs in a fridge.
So after we spend yesterday delivering food to families, cleaning out this nonsense and planning the holiday..son Cody asks.."so what are we doing tomorrow?" Me: we are going to grandma's in the afternoon. We will hang out here in the morning. Cody..why are we going to grandma's. Me: It's Thanksgiving?! Cody:(the light comes on)'s Thanksgiving. Really?
Are all teens martians? I felt like anybody home? What do you think we have been doing all day. But, in usual fashion, he was amused with himself. So I just stared incredulously at the bubble he must live in.

I would like to rewind just a bit. I realized after going over old stuff this morning..that our lives have been filled with quite a bit over past two years. Last year, we had an exchange student from Lebanon live with us. Mohamad and Austen spent a lot of time cooking together. Cody became a vegetarian during this time:)

Cody also had the opportunity to spend some time in England, France and Italy this past summer. He is hoping to return to Italy to attend the University for Foreigners and play soccer in a few years.

Meanwhile, Austen joined the Civil Air Patrol. He was watching the Civil Air Patrol drillling at the Boys and Girls Club one day. He skates through them..with long flowing hair and fuzzy blue hat..and announces he wants to join. I thought he was kidding. We talked about this a LOT at home. We are strong advocates for peace. We feed the homeless, we go on peace marches, we spend our free time in family support for refugee families from Darfur, Sudan..Austen was adament. He turned in his roller blades (gasp) for a uniform. He loves to spend his time drilling (yikes!). Austen is absolutely thriving in this para-military environment. I have been pleasantly surprised with the friendships we have made, the leadership traits this boy has developed and yes..he even gets to fly planes!

Okay. Now my family reminds me that we will be late to grandmas. We have spent the morning watching Promises. A documentary on the Israeli/Palistinian conflict..and had lots of discussion over the past few days on the complexities of this region. Austen and Brian went out to the gun range. Cody and I made salad. We are off to see grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2 Years!!!!

Wow! 2 years already! Since our last entry...our children have gotten older and not so much wiser. We started this blog when the boys all had really long, shaggy, hair..hence the title, "shaggy boys". Obviously not the case anymore. Behavior is pretty much the same, though.

Since our last post, Brian graduated from TAMS. He is now a junior at UTAustin. Yay for Brian!!

At this time our household consists of husband Brian and myself with Cody and Austen (15 and 14) still learning at home. We have combined our household with family friends Michael and his son Mason (16). We think this will be the make-up of our house for a while....

Like our children, not much has changed. I am still working at the Boys and Girls Club....we are still enjoying this thing called life.