Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2 Years!!!!

Wow! 2 years already! Since our last entry...our children have gotten older and not so much wiser. We started this blog when the boys all had really long, shaggy, hair..hence the title, "shaggy boys". Obviously not the case anymore. Behavior is pretty much the same, though.

Since our last post, Brian graduated from TAMS. He is now a junior at UTAustin. Yay for Brian!!

At this time our household consists of husband Brian and myself with Cody and Austen (15 and 14) still learning at home. We have combined our household with family friends Michael and his son Mason (16). We think this will be the make-up of our house for a while....

Like our children, not much has changed. I am still working at the Boys and Girls Club....we are still enjoying this thing called life.

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