Saturday, February 23, 2013

The shortest camp-out..ever!

I think it's time. states Big B.

Time for what?.. I ask, learily..

You know...camping. Big B states in how could I not know? The little man needs to go camping.

I ask Cody if he would like to go with us. Cody informs us he is busy. Yes...absolutely busy that night..whenever it is.

Austen informs us he is going "real" camping with his friends at Mason's ranch.

So Big B, Levi and I make a trial our backyard.

First we check out the R.V.- which is parked in the driveway. In all fairness, we did plan to go to a nearby campground. They were just all we decided camping in the backyard was the way to go.

Once settled, we go for a walk. Little man stampedes threw the pecan grove and shows off his mad running skills. Then we walk along the river..then?We spy on deer. And let's face it. No camp-out is complete without discovering cactus! After cactus exploration?

 We head to "the caves".The caves..were dug out of mini-cliffs by the big boys when they were, well, not. so. big.

Here Big B and Levi pose for a pic in Cave 1.

And now Levi is thinking we might just stay here in the cave.

Big B bribes him out with...another cave!

After Cave exploration we head to our back deck.

You got it. Marshmallows.   S'mores...what more can we ask for?

And then we head back to the R.V...books are read, lights go out...and the Little Man? He informs us..he's done camping now. It's time go home! What can I say? The shortest camp-out in history!