Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wes Cooksey

It has been a few weeks since Big B and I loaded two boys in the RV and met our friends, Jack and Rhonda at Wes Cooksey State Park (here in Tejas).

So, a little late. But thought I would share a few pics from a long-overdue mini-vacation.

Cody finds a sunny spot to study..or sleep..or day-dream.

Big B says Hurry. Get a picture of our dam kid. So here is that Austen boy. Walking the dam.

Big B and Austen.

The Boys leave us Saturday afternoon, after Austen grills us steak! 

We play Monkey Golf with Jack and Rhonda. They smoked us!

Jack lights a lantern as we prepare for an evening of guitar playing, tequila sipping ( was a sipping tequila) and hanging out around a campfire. I think I might have sipped fast....

...but man did we have fun.