Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Big Holiday OOPS!

It has been awhile. We know. Why? Because Miss Applesauce Pants and the Exploding Diaper Band have been b-u-s-y!

  For starters..Miss Applesauce Pants has been moonlighting during the past month for a Christmas Musical at the local prison. Meaning? The entire exploding diaper band has been helping her run lines and learn her music!

Blue Monkey truly believed the Christmas Musical was RUINED without playing The Wheels On the Bus...but he was outvoted...and the musical went on without his favourite song. This did NOT sit well with Blue Monkey.

Black Rat has been very busy with art work..specifically chalk art and puppetry. Therefore she has only joined practices when absolutely necessary.

..and Bug? Well Bug has mastered the art of melodramatic whining and tantrumming. It has not been pleasant, let me tell you.

The band has, however, maintained their weekly fishing venture and are still at war with the Chinese Fish aka the BIG CATFISH!!! They have also managed to make it to the weekly Park/Library Day with the homeschoolers...and this is where the bands latest OOPS began.

There were rumours of a Christmas Party..but where, oh where?

Miss Applesauce and the Exploding Diaper Band agreed to host the party at their house. The homeschooling families all agreed. And so a date was set...and the excitement with the band members began to grow. The band would make pie and cookies..Oh..and Irish Stew! They would play a concert for the families.

The band  began to practice..Merry Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, The Wheels on the Bus, Love Shack (because How? AsksBlue Monkey, could we have a concert without Love Shack?)...and Old Mac Donald. Even Black Rat began to join in on rehearsals.

Here Bug plays with the knob of the keyboard looking for LOVE SHACK.

Then. Well..things happened. First Big B quit his job!! All of a sudden, Big B was around a LOT..and so were some of his friends. And Big B and his friends are just fun to play with. They like things like wrestling, and pillow fights..and let's face it, things were just too exciting for practice.

Also? There were customers needing cars fixed, the band had to remember their manners and offer people tea and  (gasp) they had to stay  IN THE YARD, ON THE DECK or INSIDE..for safety..or some other such nonsense. The band wanted in the garage SO BAD. So there was a week of plots and plans to try and move rehearsals to the garage. But Miss Applesauce Pants AND Big B said NO WAY.

Miss Applesauce Pants had planned a vacation JUST BEFORE THE PARTY. She had planned to spend a couple days at the beach with some friends. She cancelled the trip..but she still pretended to be on vacation.

When Austen and his friends came over..she just did nothing. And when Cody came home? She did nothing. Miss Applesauce Pants figured if she was at the beach she would not be cooking, or cleaning or anything else..and so she did not. Also? She did not practice with the diaper band because (ahem) they still thought she was on vacation.

Luckily..the BIG BOYS..helped out around the house even with mom on vacation. Here Cody plays with Bug. Bug is SO EXCITED to have him home..and Cody? Cody is Bug sticks his fingers up Cody's nose.

..and so yesterday, everyone was finally back in motion.

Miss Applesauce Pants took the band to the library since they had missed on Monday..with you know..the vacation and all.  The band was thinking about cleaning..after all..the legos and dolls were EVERYWHERE. Instruments were in every room of the house. Markers and crayons were hidden in strange places. But the Bug was doing his whining thing. Miss Applesauce Pants and the band decided to take the Bug for a ride in the car (so maybe he would go to sleep)..but first? Miss Applesauce Pants had to go to the restroom.

And this is when things get really weird.

Miss Applesauce Pants is in the bathroom when she hears Blue Monkey calling her. At first she ignores him..because sometimes? Blue Monkey and the Band just like to visit her when she is in the bathroom. Miss Applesauce does NOT appreciate this.

Blue Monkey called her again...and then Miss Appleauce screamed...(not very nicely) Blue have GOT to stop that I'm in the Bathroom. I'll be right out. Then she hears. Miss Applesauce, Miss Applesauce?..and she comes unglued...I'M IN THE BATHROOM!!!! Please..I'll be right out. YOU HAVE TO QUIT CALLING ME WHEN I'M IN HERE...and then she said lots of other things I will not print here.

..and when she walked out..the living room was full of moms and kids for the homeschool Christmas Party. OOPS?!?! Miss Applesauce and the exploding Diaper Band had FORGOTTEN the PARTY!!!

But absolute embarrassment aside? Miss Applesauce Pants and the Exploding Diaper Band had a great time at the Christmas Party...and all Miss Applesauce Pants could think was..

thank God for Potlucks!