Sunday, March 24, 2013

Warrior Princesses...

Once upon a time this grilled-cheese-chic attended a warrior princess school. For you see, I am actually a dragon slayer..and at this school..we had grand adventures..and learned to play ninja, and read paper-bag princess..and I met all sorts of warrior princesses, and other dragon slayers, and queens of enchanted forests and stuff. And this weekend? A few of us had a little rendezvous. (Think Knights of the Round Table)

I can't give you too many details. What I can do is say this weekend involved...knife confiscation at an undisclosed airport, midnight airport runs, Rio's Brazilian Cafe', lots of Theo Chocolate, attitudinal bandannas,  hanging out on S.Congress (in Austin), sometimes easy and sometimes down-right frightening obstacle courses, lots of mud..and more mud..and more mud. It also involved an understanding that the force (of so many other women..and men) was with us. We have deep and silly conversations over hot tea, simultaneously. The only other things I can say are  Abbot Road, lightning bolts..complete with sound effects, and deep shifts on a cellular level. Also? We find a secret treasure..(apologies Bethlehem..we found it after you flew back to your castle)..Dr. Seuss's secret collection, complete with a prayer for a child. But the best treasure of all?

We remembered who we are.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Cleaning? Epic Fail..

I had a plan for this weekend. It involved deep cleaning, decluttering and lots of laundry. What can I say? Best laid plans and all of that...

I do, however have a new dog. Her name is Laeyla. Laeyla is my new running/walking/biking companion.She was given to me by one of the Teen Center families..with the instruction to run/walk her 3-5 miles a day. Perfect! I say.This will force me to be accountable and get into shape!

 You see, I am a big fat chicken. We live out in the country..sort-of. And I am too scared to run/bike/walk by myself when there are not humans around.  No human in my family cares to go on running/walking/biking adventures with now I have Laeyla.

Our first morning was great! I hopped on my new/used bike...and we were off. Then I discovered that..Laeyla could just pull me. Well, I think to myself, this is pretty cool is this? And then it happened. Laeyla picked up speed..and ran faster and faster...and I discovered my breaks didn't work. Stop.I I start dragging my sneakers in the dirt to slow us down. Laeyla gives me a puzzled look and slows down..but my bike doesn't..Laeyla picks up speed again. Stop.I say through insane laughter..because we are quite a pathetic site! Thankgoodness no humans are around! And then I remember. Laeyla understands Spanish..Oh shizzz... Como se dice..stop? 

Alto...alto..I say through gaining hysteria. Laeyla stops.

I get off the bike and we walk it back to the house. Then I start to run with her..only I'm really out of shape. So we run/walk another couple miles. This morning Levi decides he wants to go with we walk..through the pecan grove..and to the caves.

 Big B promises to fix my bike today. I am starting to suspect my family is on to something when they refuse to walk/bike/run with me. What can I say? apparently patient and loyal. Thank God.

As for cleaning. I admit defeat and opt to enjoy the chaos of family life. We have lots of pleasant visits from family and friends. A spontaneous fish-fry on Friday night. Brian and Angee visit Saturday a.m. It rains. I have a toddler, a dog and lots of mud. Then Sunday is beautiful. Perfect, for cleaning. Instead, we hang out with family friends and barbecue. Why? Because it is more fun.

Here are Austen and Laeyla getting acquainted in the kitchen.

Levi takes over the dining room table with his trains.

Cody and Ellie fix sandwiches before heading out to kayak.

Levi insists on one more photo. Here you go kiddo!

Maybe I'll spring clean in April?