Wednesday, June 19, 2013



How time flies...

"ADVENTURE!" That is one of Austen's favorite sayings. When he is taking off to hang out with friends. "Adventure!" When something goes wrong? "Adventure".

And this past month..has been one heck of an Adventure!

So..we start with our adventurer. Austen is finished with highschool!

 We celebrate with a small ungraduation party at Dave and Busters. Then? Austen heads to girl-scout camp for his 3rd summer as a girl-scout. His first weekend home? He looks like this!

Austen's plans after camp?

 Bar tending school, work and then off to Australia for a year to bar tend his way from Sydney to Adelaide (or something like that). Rumors abound that he would like to head to Corpus Christi to study culinary arts on his return from his oversees adventures. What better time in his life than now to try these things? We are fully supportive of his choices.

Here is Austen before the blue hair.
Where he had cleaned up really nice for....

   Brian and Angee's wedding!!!

Absolutely amazing wedding..if I do say so myself! And (ahem) that is a completely unbiased opinion. I am so happy for both of them. And now? I have an extraordinary daughter-in-law. Lucky me!

But honestly? Austen was not the only graduate this year. My nephew Calvin graduated and is heading to Northwest Vista this Fall to study 3D animation. And then..well..we have Angee and Brian. Angee is now off to med school while Brian works full time for a company he really enjoys.

Not to be left out of our family adventures is Odio. Cody has been the silent supportive rock in all of this. He has transported babies, run numerous errands and tonight? He is hooking up a Roku to the t.v. in my room so Big B and I can spend the summer vegging in front of the t.v. watching movies and playing Angry Birds. And? The kiddo is doing all of this while working full time and going to summer school.

As for me and Big B? We are utterly exhausted. We have, however, been enjoying a few weekends here and there to find a lake. You know..the ones that still have water in this S.Texas drought. We are enjoying this time to just. hang. out.