Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nature Trails, Soup and Tie-Dye

I realize a little over a week ago that the kids will never be full. I used to be able to throw some dinner in the crock pot. Well, now that only feeds half of us. We have turned one of our kitchen counters into a Soup Bar. I fill the crock-pot with soup each day and put a basket of dinner rolls beside it. This is not a meal, just an ongoing snack for whoever is in the house. You know, because hot-pockets, popcorn, apples/bananas/oranges, cookies and bowls of cereal don't cut it anymore.
When I leave for the Club, I take what is left with me for staff and kids. In this picture, Austen is dancing in the Club kitchen. He likes to claim it is his kitchen. We start the next batch of soup before I leave. So far we have had 15 bean soup, minestrone, tomato, brocolli and cheese, tomato and potato. I suspect it will not be long before everyone starts groaning, "please, no more soup!"

The boys (dad included) cleared out a nature trail over the weekend. It starts in our backyard and includes the backyards of a few neighbors. They cleared a path/maze just big enough for a golf-cart to fit through. It overlooks the river, winds through trees, brush, etc. We put up our "Trees for the San Antonio Region" poster and are trying to see how many trees we can identify.
The tie-dye continues. It has now taken over our morning room and deck.Now that the "business of Christmas" is settling down, we are starting to fall into old daily rhythms. This is always the time of year we just put down formal study for a month. It is too crazy and people are too stressed during the holidays to try. I really enjoy this..and then I always start thinking "what would happen if we did this f-o-r-e-v-e-r? "
We don't. I'll panic shortly after the new year. But for is really nice.
The boys are getting way too much leverage out of this break with their schooled peers.
Just the other day Austen was helping his friend Ricci with an essay on the Holocaust.
Austen was naming off the current genocides for him, when Ricci stops abruptly:It's not fair come he doesn't have to write.
Austen grins:Because I'm spoiled.
Me: That's not true! (yikes..he is going public with our huge vacation)He writes an essay a day.
(I don't mention that he writes about whatever he feels like.)
Ricci (big grin):Ha!
Austen: Of course, right now I'm not doing anything for a month..AND I get to sleep late, so HA back!.
Ricci:Is that true, miss?
Me:Yup..sure is.
Ricci :Aww..that's just not right!
Austen (again): Ha!

We have got to work a little on manners!


Sardine Mama said...

If you did it forever, you'd be like us! (I meant that to be scary). BTW - Ellie wants Big Brian to keep his eyes out for un carro. She is hoping to get her learner's permit, soon.

grillledcheesechic said...

Hey! We were like you before you were...we just changed when I started working. I'm so jealous.
Will let Brian know.