Monday, March 16, 2009

Hot Tub Dreams

It all started at the beach. We had gone on vacation in Port-Aransas, Texas and spent a few nights in a hotel..other wise known as "the pink place." Brian plants himself in the hot-tub..and well, stays. He occasionally ventured out to spend an hour on the beach..or sleep. Mostly..he just sat in the hot-tub. We all come back from the beach renewed..but Brian is determined to keep a peice of our trip with him.
"I want a hot-tub." he announces on the way home.
"no" I tell him. (come on..has he forgotten we have kids in college and braces?)
Brian: Aww..come on..don't you want a hot-tub? That was SO fun.
me: Of course it's fun. It's called a vacation.
Brian: But I want one.
Me: Brian..join the planet. We can't afford a hot-tub!
Brian: I know..Christmas. You guys can buy me a hot-tub for Christmas!
..and so this dialogue continued for months. He would call me during his lunch-break. Hey..I just found a really nice one at xy's only $1500..I think they have lay-away.
Needless to say, Christmas came and went. No Hot-Tub..just lots of Lost episodes.
Fast-forward to March. The phone rings again. Chris's (his brother) neighbor gave him a hot-tub over a year ago and he hasn't picked it up yet. He says I can have it for a hundred dollars. I'm bringing it home.
We clear the deck. We spend a few days and another $100 on hot-tub repairs. And his moment has come.
Clear the way. I have a margarita..and I'm enjoying the hot-tub. He goes to the deck to enjoy.
A few minutes later he is back. Isn't anyone coming with me? He looks so pathetic. I agree to join him. Next comes Austen. starts Brian Don't push off the will break. Then comes Cody..then Mason..then Calvin...then we are joined by two rubber ducks. The boys throw the ducks at eachother and squirt eachother in the eyes. Brian acts as if he is still on vacation. Cody complains the water smells weird. Mason and Austen pretend we are in a stew. They want to throw in vegetables.
Does Brian notice that this is not the same experience as when we are not on vacation? Never.
The following week it starts to rain. It is Spring Break. We never have less than 7 teenage boys in the house...they are always in the hot-tub. Brian is right there with him. He appears oblivious to the fact that they (the tub of tall, lanky, and loud boys) are there. How can someone do that?
I remind them it is raining..and maybe this isn't too wise. They throw water at me. Brian just grins and waves.
Now we have a house-full of sick kids. Too much hot-tubbing in the rain! Does Brian care? Nope..not at all. He calls this morning to see if the kids have put the chemicals in the know..the kids that can't breathe! I remind him everyone is sick.
Oh darn he laughs. I guess I'll just have to be in it by myself now!


Sardine Mama said...

We mustn't let Brian in the hot tub alone. I'm on my way.

grillledcheesechic said...

I'm sure he's love that!
Unfortunately, the pump has gone out and.....he is sick!

grillledcheesechic said...

Geez, I can't spell..that is 'he'd' not 'he's'.