Saturday, November 14, 2009

Accepting the Refrigerator Challenge

My friend Carol at has created a mini-challenge of sorts. She points out the healthier habits of some of the other blogging families, and then asks, what is in our fridge. Oh geez I think. I'm frightened to look.
So before we begin..let me set the stage of my refrigerators surroundings. First of is hard to find. There is a bag with nebulizer resting on the floor next to it. Leaning over the nebulizer would be a level. I don't know why this level resides in this spot, but it does. The top of our refrigerator doubles as medicine cabinet and empty egg-carton holder. It is a bit intimidating...and yet no refrigerator to be seen?
Why? Because it is covered in magnets and pictures. We haverandom words "they" "other" "ocean" literally littering our fridge. I once had the delusion my children would use these words to create some sort of great literature on our fridge. (You see..homeschoolers sometimes try to educate their children by placing stuff on their fridge. I tried this tactic years ago. Obviously, my children would not play and then we soon forgot that all these words were there) I do see one placement of words that says "gone to dream".
Who knew?
Most of these letters, however, cannot be seen because our refrigerator is covered in pictures. We have pictures of our children, neices, nephews and friends. I don't know who puts these pictures up..but they are all over! We do have written (in huge magnetic letters) "The Beast." I'm assuming that is Cody or Mason who like to say the "beast" in soccer...oh...and we have a small magnetic "Bill of Rights" that Michael seemed to think we needed to complete our incomplete education. My favorite, however, would be the home-made magnetic guitar pics that seem to complete the decor.
Somehow, we open these doors daily without things falling off. We must have "magnetic personalities" or something. for the frightening part. Let us see...
Top shelf: 1 half drank bottle of Hot Damn, several containers of yogurt, pre-made pie crusts (because we are still doing a lot of bulk cooking), chocolate from Oaxaca..for home-made hot chocolate and jalepenos.
Shelf 2: A bit scarier..left-over steamed carrots, pinto beans and random condiments
Shelf 3: eggs, eggs and more eggs..and leftover quiche, leftover ravioli's. Note to self: Please clean out this fridge!
Shelf 4: Milk, juice, pancake mix and a box of wine
Drawers? Hey..I think we might be getting healthier here. We have..watermellon, pineapple, eggplant, chives, cabbage and lettuce.
Next drawer...ugh..more left-overs. Steak. Ick!..and cream cheese? Good grief.
Door pockets? Very random..sauces (picante, soy, worstershire, etc.) dressings, wine and more pancake mix. Well..that was weird.
Okay. How about others? Do you dare? What is in your fridge. Feel assured, that it will not be more unorganized or unhealthy than ours.


Renata said...

I read your response on Teacher, Revised. I found it very helpful. I homeschool my two daughters, and worry about high school years. Your note about requiring that your boys study "anything" for 4 hours during high school as preparation for college, caught my attention. I am wondering if you would share more about what works for your family, especially in high school, with me. I worry that I won't do a good job preparing my girls for college... We started as unschoolers. Now I require that they do some math, spelling, typing, writing several times a week. I also read some science and history to them. And I ask the 12 year old to read a biography three times a week and create a simple timeline based on her reading.

Lately, I have been feeling so intimidated by teachers that I am not feeling confident about being able to educate the girls well, especially in high school.

My older dd (12) has a hard time focusing, especially when working on something that is not fun (brushing teeth, chewing food, math etc.). I hate "making" her. Yet, I do not see how to avoid that without letting her spend her life in pajamas, twirling around the kitchen with a toothbrush on her head, lol. I worry that I am on her case too much...

Anyways, any help would be really appreciated.

grillledcheesechic said...

I'm so sorry you came here looking for highschool homeschool info and stumbled upon the contents of my fridge! I'll blog on our highschool approach/philosophy..and some of the resources I have found helpful this afternoon. I too have hit highschool panic a time or two.

Renata said...

Thank you! Looking forward to it.