Saturday, September 25, 2010

Working Again...really???

What can I say?

This is not the plan..and we all know how well I follow through with my grand plans...

I am seriously considering a cool job.. I don't want to go into too much detail. Bad Karma and all that.

But it is SURE tempting..and unlike some jobs..this opportunity will not wait for me to be done with my year at home hiatus. (sigh..)..and just when we are getting a real rhythm going around here to0.

I've talked to la familia. Both immediate and extended.

Austen just grins and shrugs because he really doesn't care what I do. 

Cody says we're poor and could use the pesos.

But sometimes Cody is tricky. He has a good poker face..and despite pretenses otherwise, will tell me what I want to hear.

I try to counter with how much I want to spend time with him this  year..that he and Austen are my first priority..and while this job has a lot of scheduling is very demanding..and will be time consuming.

Cody looks at me like I'm insane and repeats we're poor and could use the pesos. Austen nods his head in agreement, grins and puts his headphones back on.

I say but and before I can even think of a good but..Cody repeats himself again.

Big B says I think you'll be happy. It's a good fit...and it would sure take off  a lot of pressure! (financially)..and he is right.

My mom says, I think this is a C.P. Snow decision..and you just need to send in your resume and be done with it. (the deciding factor). C.P. snow decisions in my parents house means..a decision you have already made but are not willing to admit you have made yet. Based on some poem.

I don't remember the poem.

I also didn't realized I had already decided..but I had..and she is right.

If I actually GET the job..not just the strong encouragement to apply (back to the karma and stuff) we -as a family- have figured out a way to make it work. You know, logistically, with continuing to study together, finishing the parish ministry training program, watching Levi and following up on soccer commitments and stuff.

We all seem to think it's a good move. For no other reason than it feels right. ..and these things never happen at a good time.

So..hold breath..cross fingers.

.and it's off to update, print and send a resume.

What's for Dinner:
Saturday: lasagna, garlic bread, green beans
Sunday: baked tilapia, baked potatoes and salad
Monday: community dining: chili (both vegetarian and carnivorous), corn-bread and salad.
Tuesday: soup and sandwiches
Wednesday: ? Austin with friend Rhonda, Brian and Angee..Salvation Pizza?
Thursday: ? arriving in Oakland! 
Friday: ? Mills reunion

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