Monday, March 21, 2011

Bandito Update

Yesterday, at Grandma's request, Grandpa managed to get a photo of all the Banditos!  Thought it would be a good time to give a quick ( bullet-point) update on each.

Bandito numero uno aka Brian-Scott or Brian the Lion (first on left..with the sunglasses on his head!):

  The kiddo is about to graduate!! This May Brian-Scott graduates from UT Austin with a BA in E.E. 

   Plans? Find a job/internship for summer..return to UTAustin for graduate school. He is staying in the same apartment and everything;)

  For now Brian continues work with his senior design team on a really awesome project. But the stress-level for the team has been off-the-charts!

Spring Break came at a good time.

Bandito numero dos aka Cody, Odio or Colt. (second from left holding/ throwing(?) numero cinco)

   The kiddo is about to graduate! This May Cody's life as a homeschooler will be officially over. 

There is a rumor we will have some-sort of homeschool graduation something or other. I really need to get with the other parents and work out logistics! 

Also? Cody is about to have his 18th birthday! (gasp). Once again, we have no plans at this point. It has been very difficult to get any feedback from Odio on what he would like to do. Cody has never been big on celebrating birthdays.

Odio plans to work..somewhere..this summer and start at Schreiner University in the Fall to study information systems. 

For now Cody continues to review some pre-cal, read some British Lit and is applying for numerous scholarships. Because while between federal aid, merit scholarship, work-study and parents he has covered tuition, books and room. Odio still must figure out a way to pay for his meal card (which is required for Freshmen). Odio is trying to avoid taking out a loan. But that is a back-up.After all, the kids gotta eat!

Bandito  numero tres aka Austen or Austen Poston from Boston. No..he's never been to Boston..just has a mother who creates ridiculous rhymes. (second from right..the dreaded boy)

   The kiddo is NOT about to graduate!  Austen is, however, about to spend a month living off the land ..almost..he has a 1/2 built cabin from the 1800's to sleep in. Austen leaves in two weeks for his month of solitude and survival at a friend's ranch. Originally we had planned for Austen to do this in May..but see graduations above. Hence..the bump to April. Besides Austen, too, will be looking for a summer job. So actually being available to work in the summer would be helpful in the job-hunting department. Also? Austen needs to spend May getting himself logistically in gear to attend St. Phillip's Culinary Arts program (dual-credit) in the Fall.

But back to Austen's month of silence and survivial. He will check in with our friends (walkie talkies!) twice a day so we know he is okay. 

My little Thoreau  (or Mountain Man? Grizzly Adams?) is spending a trial weekend this weekend. Please hold him in your thoughts/ prayers, etc. over this next month. It is something he feels he really needs to do. I take a deep breathe and trust that he will be okay. Austen has been planning this for over a year. He will be armed with his bow and arrows (which he has been practicing daily for quite some time now) and a 22 for small game and predators. (think..lions, and tigers and bears! Okay. Okay..maybe just mountain lions and wild hogs..We are hoping the noise will scare them off!)..and yes..a few other things..including his first aid kit.

Bandito numero quatro aka Calvin or Calvin Alvin..because his Aunt happens to be  Austen's horrible name rhyming mother. (pictured 1st on right)

Calvin just came back from a mini staycation downtown S.A. He had a blast! Now he is finishing up his sophomore year in high-school. Calvin has applied for a culinary arts program at the local high-school Now he waits to see what happens. If he doesn't get in, he has several electives in mind for a back-up.

Finally we come to Bandito numero cinco aka Levi, Bug, Bug-a-lug...same Aunt as Calvin... and Wilson.

Levi has learned to respond to all the names above. For 10 months? I find that pretty-darn impressive. More exciting,  Levi just had his baptism this past Sunday. Below Bug is pictured with Pastor Sandra after the service.



Mark said...

Congratulations on the Baptism! That is great that you got the kids all together for a group photo. How often will that happen in the future? But I do have a question for you. How on earth would you deal with a girl child? I think that you would go mad with the "pink of it all".
Your Friend, m.

Terri Jo said...

Is Austen going to film hiself, like on a survival show? He should we we can all experience his experience when he's done!

grillledcheesechic said...

He vetoed video-taping, journaling, etc. when I mentioned it. Actually..he rolled his eyes and said."'re gong to ruin it." Then gave his big, cheesy grin.
So it will all half to be hearsay, I'm afraid.
That said. My friend who he checks in with sent me a text. Austen is settled in (or out as the case may be) and has caught a bass for his first nights supper.