Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Table.

I have found it.

The ideal dining room table. Not only is this table an ideal...but it is sitting in my dining room as I type! How cool is that?

But first let me tell you how this begins. Some of my earliest memories are sitting around the dining room table as a child. I used this table (one built by my grandpa..none-the-less) for homework. I used the table as a hide-out. We often had dinner guests. The dining room table..and the discussions that went with it, were the backdrop of my childhood.

When Big B and I got married we agreed (and still agree) on very little. But what we did (and still do) agree on the importance of gathering around the table.

That said. We have gone through a slew of tables in our 21 years of marriage. Sort of like the three bears. This table is too big...this table is too small....and so we look for the one that is just right.
We look at yard sales, we talk about building one. We know we cannot afford the tables we like. What we want is a long, narrow, sturdy the one my grandpa built. That will seat 10-12 comfortably. Because even though we only have 4 living at home? We usually have 6-20 for dinner. Because THAT is the way we roll.

And then, last Friday, out of parents ask..would you like the dining room table that Papa Jim built? They are scaling down. They don't want me to take it if I don't want it..but could I use it?

Yes, yes and double yes!

Are you sure? they ask. Again with the Yes, yes, YES!

We bring it home on Sunday. The VanBibbers come to help us "break it in". (The kids couldn't wait for us to sit..they were starved, apparently)
We use it for co-op and day-care. And what do you know? We have elbow room:)

We visit with friends..over wine, beer, tea and sodas as we wait for

Community Dining!!!!

So YES! Thank you Mom and Dad for instilling in me the value of gathering around the table.


Mark said...

I love that table. I used to have a large dining room and table that sat 10 comfortably. Now, I can only seat 6. I'm super jealous of what you can do with that. Congrats on scoring that from your Family.

oganized chaos said...

What a blessing you need a large table more than anyone I know congrats!!!