Monday, February 02, 2009

Packed weekend

It is 6ish this morning. Brian, Michael and I are sitting in a fog...drinking our coffee and trying to absorb that it is Monday. "So" says Michael (mason's dad)..."That was a blur" (meaning the weekend). "A bit everyone okay?"

He is right. We have all been running different directions since Friday night. Austen spends the night at Lackland for more Civil Air Patrol stuff. Mason has a game. Brian and Michael are working late. Cody and I stay home to watch movies. Early Saturday I leave with a car-load of
volunteers for a day of judges training. Michael spends the day working. Mason has a soccer game. Cody has more practice..Brian drives the soccer boys places..and then they head to the church to work at the annual Wild Game Dinner.( etc. etc. Are we getting the picture here?)

I will not go into detail on everyone's schedule for the rest of the weekend. But in a nutshell..everyone ends up sleep deprived (think church lock-in). Michael, meanwhile, is still working.

It is Sunday afternoon and we finally all get home. Brian wants everyone to clean, clean, clean?
We think he is kidding. No, we are going to have company for the super-bowl.
Super Bowl? Who's playing? I ask. Cody grunts. Brian shrugs. Does it matter? he asks.
Mason fills us in before guests arrive so we do not embarass him. We are told we should cheer for Arizona.
Mason and Cody grab the "best seats" and kick back to enjoy the game....but guests trickle in..and their evening becomes a bit chaotic.

We enjoy a Cajun
Crab Boil and eat way too much food.

Michael returns with 3-D sunglasses for everyone. Don't we all look cool?

Now it is Monday. We have returned to the normacy of the
week. Cody is holing up in his room to work on math. Austen and Devin work on Odyssey something or another.

Some of the co-op kids (Angela, Devin, Austen
and Amanda) play Cranium, after more octa-tetraing and a discussion
on Homer, Locke and the characters of Lost...(Calvin, Sawyer...) They listen to AC/DC and Duke Ellington. They hide from eachother under the house. Finally, they ask if they can just play Dungeons and Dragons next year. We tell them maybe.

Weekly Menu:
Monday: fish and veggie tacos
Tuesday: sausage and tomatoes, biscuits, corn-on-the cob, baby carrots
Wednesday: enchiladas, beans, corn-bread
Thursday: breaded pork chops, french fries, salad,
Friday: pizza again
Saturday: spaghetti, french bread, salad (another OM day)

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