Monday, May 04, 2009


Brian and Angee go to Prom.

Dilemma 1: to put the flower on.

Dilemma 2: Convince Brian he is not James Bond.

Last minute touch ups.

Ready to Go!

Oh..wait, the parents are making us pose for MORE pictures!

..and behind the scenes? Kevin (Angee's younger brother) has a birthday party. Boys playing army, posing for pics as they cut cake, and throwing water-balloons.

Lots of fun!
Weekly menu: (I know..we have had no menu for awhile..everyone has been fending for themselves)
Monday: cheese enchiladas, salad, Ranch-style beans, watermellon
Tuesday: eat at grandpa's retirement from Trinity party (biscuits and finger veggies at home later)
Wednesday: veggie chili and corn-bread, strawberries
Thursday: spinach lasagna, garlic bread, lemony green beans, grapes
Friday: make-your-own chalupas
Saturday: dinner at Holy Cross Church
Sunday: not a clue.
Okay..the co-op kids are recreating Act 1: Scene 1 Julius Ceasar as I type. I hear lots of giggling and talk of leprachauns, something about William Kempe looks like a leprechaun?? Oh..I hear something about leprehauns walking under Brutus's legs..since he is "such a brute"..Think I'll see what's up!

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