Monday, September 21, 2009


I love Mondays!

Mondays are our day of rest, so to speak.

We hang at the dollar theater, hang out at home or hang at the Pavliska's (for Odyssey). All locations that encourage just being who you are and enjoying others. Okay..maybe we don't enjoy others at the movies...just eating each others popcorn!

Today Odyssey is postponed. Cody, Austen and I decide to stick around the house.

I enjoy coffee on the deck with neighbors. I practice guitar with a friend for nursing home chapel visitation. I practice more for upcoming Via De Cristo weekend. I rest and visit with the boys.

Austen alternates between watching the History channel and researching info from the American Parkour Association (?) most of the day. We locate an upcoming parkour training center in San Antonio..and history channel has served as a spring-board for other conversation. Conversation, curiosity, googling and more commentary on the role of the natural cave systems under Budapest in WWII, the underground railroad during the American Civil War, free-masons, Eastern European architecture, the role of hospitals in war-zones and most important of all..the Bermuda triangle.

Cody is not feeling well. He joins in on some of the discussion on free-masons and civil war. We discuss various illnesses...swine flu, mono, viral meningitis, the common cold.He studies for one of his ASE certification tests. Cody goes back to sleep. I hope he feels better soon.

Brian calls from work, occasionally, to make sure we realize that we are spoiled brats.

Michael and Mason come home from work and school. They watch the History Channel with Austen.

Tonight is community dining. We begin preparing for guests. Clean tablecloths are in the dryer as I type.

Tonight's menu? Meatloaf, salad, sweet-potato fries and corn. Served with your choice of tea, lemonade, water or wine.

All are welcome.

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