Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesdays in a Nutshell.

We call ourselves the Riverside Home School Initiative. The name is simply left-over from our Waldorf Inspired Unschooling Co-op of elementary years.

Last year a handful of parents (like 3 families) regrouped for "just a year", before
sending our young teens to the bigger "Friday School" (of several hundred families and w-a-y more structure in San Antonio) .

A week before Friday School orientation Cody asks if I really want to send Austen and crew to Friday school? Austen chirps in that he would be happy to stay at home a little longer. I hear from the other parents that all of these guys are thinking the same thing.

So we move into uncharted territories and start high-school co-op at home.

You know what? It's not much different than before.

We meet two days a week instead of one. We are still pretty relaxed.

This is Wednesday.

The kids start with food (muffins), the musical talents of our friends Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Tracy Chapman, Poncho
Sanchez and Paco De Lucia..and play. Apples to Apples has been
the game of choice almost every morning. Lots of debate as to who is the director. George Lucas or Steven Speilberg (?sp). Seems to be a toss up

We regroup for math. We review difficult concepts, the kids work
problems together and individually. Today Devin explains how to solve for unknown variables in perimeter to Mandy. Austen reviews decimals. Angela works on division memory tricks. They all review rays, lines, line-segments.

Next we jump into chemistry. The kids discuss their essays on alchemy and the church's influence on it's spread. This somehow leads to jokes on how much the kids LOVE BACON (as in Roger Bacon)... then experiment on metal and nonmetal chemical elements. Tested copper, iron, aluminum, sodium and..oh, I don't remember. It's in their labs. We spend more time than expected
on the we decide to put off
architecture for Friday.

Cody wanders in to watch them for a few minutes before spreading out in the living room for
the afternoon. Angela decides to join him after Chem..while the others return to the tree...and eat lunch. (left-over spaghetti..yum)

Veronica arrives for Art. of the 7 laws of perspective...discussion on "trigger
words" in art appreciation. Some discussion on Van Gough. (again
with the spelling).

That is it. Girls head to Flying L to work with mom. Devin and
Austen return to tree for a few hours. Devin heads home and Austen joins me at the Club. Cody..continues studying until Mason gets home. They watch Pokemon and Mason falls asleep. We
eat dinner..Cody works on cars with Brian. Austen investigates
local free-running groups. We find one that meets in S.A.!

Wednesday in a nutshell.

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