Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crazy Weekend

                                                        Katie, Cody and Elle

Cody and Elle


Where does the flower go? 
Cody, Mr. Tokar (Elle's grandpa) and Elle


Jeff (Mr. Pavliska) helps Cody straighten up

I am weak. Very, very weak.

Cody had Prom over the weekend. What's a proud mom supposed to do? I facebook shared his pictures..mainly because I was  too impatient for him to put his own pics on my computer.

For more pics and a better synopsis of prom and our World Finals OM TEAM!!!..check out sardine mama at Sardines in a Can: Shall We Get Reaquainted? I Think We Shall!

I went to prison (for training) on Sat. a.m.. I have never been to a mens prison before. Juvenile and Womens. But not a men's facility.. I started getting really nervous...about crazy things. I wasn't worried about going in..I  was  worried that they would find a dinosaur or a dragon in my pocket. You know..those toy things. I seem to always find them in my pockets. I envisioned having my car checked...and being okay.  I had cleaned all strange OM items out and thrown them in the morning room floor. I figured I'd get through the metal detector..and then they would pat me down..and there it would be. The dinosaur. (or dragon). Unintentional contraband!

I checked my pockets several times. ID keys..yes. better check again. Dinosaurs are sneaky sometimes.

I'm glad to say, I went through without any problems. We spent a lot of time discussing manipulation tactics and hostage situations. It was an interesting experience..and then I had to rush back to our I could take-off for Austin.

Big B and I had promised  Brian and Angee a visit. They had an Ultimate Frisbee tournament over the weekend> (which we arrived too late to see) They apparently played awful, but had a blast. So we treated them to dinner. Then, in true parental fashion, Big B and I  fell asleep during a movie. We had breakfast with them this a.m..and then rushed back home to get ready for Tania's baby shower.

My..THAT was interesting.

First of all, I would like to say that despite the fact that we are out in the middle of nowhere..and that people had to drive through a town that  had more horses than usual wandering down Mainstreet (Yes..we do have a Mainstreet..and horses that wander through it), We had a really nice turnout..about 35 people total. It was a families invited baby shower.

Played some games, ate some food, visited with lots of family and friends..and then? Well..things got weird.

Austen gets another migraine..these are becoming more and more frequent..we give him some medicine..and make a nest for him on our bed.


It appears there was a shooting in the neighborhood. The subdivision was blocked off. Kids were ushered inside..and no one was allowed out.

Guests joked about the situation..some of the adults watched the end of the Spurs game, while about 7 boys played on the floor with Fisher Price Little People. Other adults congregated around tables, speculating what might have happened and calling spots to sleep if they are stuck for the night. one allowed to leave.We reminisced about my Music Recital Gone Wrong several years ago..where one father had to arrest another during the recital..but both apologized to me and waited for all the kids to play before playing their roles in the ordeal.

Please don't get me wrong. Arrests and shootings are not ordinary occurrences here. Just seems to happen whenever we are hosting an event! In particular, events in which we serve finger foods and serve unleaded drinks from a punch bowl. Now that is interesting...we have barbecue and incident. Serve sandwiches and punch..guaranteed an exciting evening!

More story telling. Joking about what people want for breakfast....The natives were getting restless..cordial, but restless.


I am informed that our ac unit has blown up. You mean like on fire? I ask. Uhmm..not anymore. It appears our ac has deffinately gone up in smoke.I start to casually open windows while guests visit with eachother. What are you doing?asks my dad. I explain the situation. My dad and my uncle hold their hands over the vent and debate whether the ac is indeed broken or just the fan is running. They arestill  debating when my friend runs in and says (in a very urgent voice) Turn it off! Big B keeps shocking himself. Sparks are flying everywhere! It will be a while before we can replace it. dad had brought some box-fans for us to take to the Club. Hmm..maybe I'll just take some of them to the Club.....

Finally we receive word that guests are allowed to leave. It must, however, be a mass exodus..where all cars are checked at the gates to the subdivision. The constable was waiting for them.

In the rush, my nephew is missing. Family members decide he must be with someone else..and if not..well..I can just hang on to him. Aren't family great!:) My father calls from the front gate to let me know that he does have Calvin, after all.

So in a snap of the finger..our house is people run to make sure they don't get left behind...except for one couple. They are still story-telling with Big B on the Back Deck. I am tempted not to tell them that it is a now or never moment.

Now? It is quiet. The house is clean, people are recovering. What can I say? A prom, prison, a visit to Austin and a  Baby-Shower we will all remember for a long time.

It has truly been a crazy weekend.

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