Sunday, April 11, 2010

Changes Are A-Comin'

I am sitting at my desk. Listening to the hum of the fish tank.

The fish are our foster-fish. The fish are left from when the Gonzales family was staying with us. The boys (Michael, Jose and Bryan) visit them weekly. We are simply taking care of the fish until the Gonzales' finish building their house.

In the past 3 years, Big B, Cody, Austen and I have shared our home with 10 other souls. We have enjoyed their presence in our lives. In May, Michael and Mason will be moving into their own home...leaving...just me, Big B, Cody and Austen.


We are starting to dream about what our house will look like with just our immediate family. We are planning to remodel much of the inside of the house. We hope to pull carpets, lay wooden laminate flooring, put up new sheet-rock, pour a large concrete slab for car-repair (we live on dirt roads), and add a rec/guest room. The rec room ( Big B says Please don't call it a wreck's bad karma.) for our sons and their friends to hang as they enter late high-school/early college years. Especially if either of the remaining boys choose to go to college locally and commute! ..and guest room for primarily Brian/Angee and both sets of grandparents.

We are still playing a waiting game on the building Cody hopes to acquire for EuroTrans Automotive. We expect to have no resolution for a few months.

My last day at the Boys and Girls Club is in a few weeks. For the first time in over 6 years, I return to full-time stay-home mom. I am so relieved. I have loved working at the Club, but this time with my family is long overdue.

And then there is Levi. My sister is having a baby! His name is Levi:)

Expected due date? Last weekend in May. It finally hit me over Easter weekend..that this is really happening. Levi is really going to be born. For a number of reasons, this is a very high-risk pregnancy. I ask all to keep fingers crossed, send good ju-ju, pray for my sister and Levi.

Bib B and I are planning to help support my sister in raising Levi. None of us knows exactly what that will look like yet. (My sister included) Hopefully, we will partner with my sister as she parents. We expect to have Levi around our house-hold a lot. For the same reasons my sister is a high-risk pregnancy..motherhood will be difficult for her. We hope to help her find the joy in parenting.

I am beginning to get excited. We have become very comfortable in a house of teens and young adults. It will be nice to share our home with a baby again.

So yeah..changes are a-comin'!

(staying pretty much the same..Weekly Menu)
Sunday: chili, corn-bread, salad
Monday: Michael and Pam cook..?
Tuesday: Potato and Tomato Al Forno, grapes and apples
Wednesday: Fish Stew, bread-sticks, spinach salad
Thursday: spaghetti, french bread, green-beans
Friday: Odyssey..mixer and tacos
Saturday: ODYSSEY Golden Coral?

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