Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cajun Crab Boil

Sunday night we go to Austin to drop off Austen (named after a friend, not the city). Austen was working during most of Spring Break, when Brian was visiting. Austen and Brian decide they want some bonding time. Hence, the drive to Austin.We arrive later than we intended..because, well..Austen was still working.

We go out for boba tea.

Angee is trying to study, so we decide to clear the apartment for a bit. Over tea we discuss The Graduate School Contest.

Brian and Michael are having a contest to see who will get a graduate degree first. It appears Michael will win. (by one semester?)..Then Brian pulls the age card. Well..it depends..are we going by soonest date..or youngest? Because, actually? Austen is going to be hangin' with me in my imaging class..so..he wins! The fact that visiting a class hardly qualifies as actually receiving an MA or PHD seems to be irrelevant. The boys agree. Austen wins!

We make a grocery store run. (wouldn't want to STARVE the college students)..when Angee says..the best part of my job is we get free hospital food...I mean up to $8, every time we work...and Brian says So..did you want to go to the grocery store?

Then? Big B and I know that we have, indeed, been starving the college students.

Finally, at almost 10 pm.,We eat. I don't know how Big B and I could have forgotten college time..

Here is the Cajun Crab Boil..before we devour it...and OOPS. We accidentally destroy the coffee table! Apparently spice and steam do not do well with varnish. Sorry guys!

Big B, Cody and I arrive back in Bandera around 1 a.m. ..It is nice to have Brian and Angee live nearby.

Weekly Menu (dinners only)

Monday grilled sandwiches (with choice of swiss cheese, goat cheese, ham, berries and marmalade) and seasoned potatoes
Tuesday spinach raviolli, sliced fruit, ciabatta bread
Wednesday panini with grilled eggplant and mazarella, roasted red pepper soup
Thursday lasagna, spinach salad, french bread, brownies
Friday roast, wild rice, mushrooms with garlic
Saturday leftovers
Sunday Easter Barbecue! Peasant Soup, gazpacho, brisket, turkey legs, chips and dip, etc.

All are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful!
Wish we lived closer.

Regarding my post, I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I am looking to be more conscious of the decisions I make. It is hard though, when so many of our options have been taken from us. I remember wanting to buy a shower caddy a few years ago. I could either spend 50 dollars at Bed, Bath and Beyond for one made in China, or 12 dollars at Walmart for one made in China.

But I love to share ideas, and I'm always looking for other options.

Have a wonderful week, my friend.