Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Our Organic Gardening Venture

Warning: If you are not interested in gardening. Don't bother to read this entry.

Over the years, the boys and I have succeeded and f-a-i-l-e-d (with a big fat F) in a series of gardening projects. When we first moved to Bandera it was shortly after a flood. The soil was rich with nutrients. The weather co-operated..and we paid attention to our garden.

The Hot Sauce Garden..was it's name. For almost 2 years..we grew and canned tomatoes, onions, pepper and cilantro from our Hot Sauce Garden.
Then? We started neglecting our garden for things like basketball, roller-hockey, gymnastics and karate.

We decided to quit killing plants and deserted the project.

A few years later we tried a raised bed garden on another piece of property. Each boy picked a raised bed and grew what they wanted.

Brian attempted corn and zucchini. The corn was eaten by ants. The zucchini was MONSTER sized.

Austen grew onions and yes..more MONSTER zucchini...and Cody?

Cody grew cotton. For two years he grew cotton. The cotton somehow mysteriously took over the other boxes. (We suspect it was an elf)..and then he abandoned the cotton to start harvesting stickers burrs in his room. (For his enemies)

By now..we had once again abandoned the time and effort for effective gardening.

Each year since then, I have made half-hearted attempts at gardening. The deer and chickens have been grateful. I have fed them well. No human has reaped the benefits of my meager attempts.

So here we are in that Odyssey of the Mind time of year..when I need to find a project to keep me busy. And? I will be home full-time in a few months and can actually maintain the garden.

I do not sit and meditate well. I think as I spend a year on reflecting and discerning..gardening may be more practical for me on many levels. Besides, as Big B pointed out, I need something to keep me from meddling in the kids affairs. Big B offers to help in creating a raised bed garden in another area of the yard..that will be protected from wildlife and free-range chickens by (gasp) a fence!

I have spent a few weeks planning. (yet another new idea..this developing a plan thing).

First is location. We have recently planted a variety of fruit trees along our fence line. I would like to have the garden in range of the fruit trees. I would like to see the garden from our deck and I would like the kids to be able to wander through the garden.

Aha..we will plant the garden around the kids trampoline. (yes..the boys still use our trampoline frequently) This way... the boys can "bounce in the garden." Hee hee..I think I'm funny. How cool is that?

I would really like to have an effective organic garden. I have decided to start with 3 raised beds that are 12 ft. X 4 ft. wide. I am building the beds this week!

I research on compatible plants..and try to match that with realistic taste-buds in our house.

So this is it. Our tentative plan.

African Marigolds in all boxes to help with unwanted pests.

Box 1: Basil- beans, cabbage, marigolds, peppers and tomatoes
Box 2: Chamomile- mint, onion, squash and zucchini.
Box 3: Cucumbers- broccoli, lettuce, marigold, sunflowers..and possibly more tomatoes. (Depends on space still available)

We are not brave enough to start with more than 3 boxes. If we managed to survive the summer..we will add 3 more for the Fall.

I have been interrupted by a trailer delivery for Odyssey projects. Signing off for now.

Grilled-cheese chick.

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