Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break?

I am sitting here, typing away on a blog because?

Because reality has hit and I am panicking!

As my family takes this week to play, I am realizing just how much stuff I have neglected in the past month!

I have been so busy sitting in doctors offices (still averaging 4 visits a week..it is insane, this sitting in offices all the time) and trying to occupy myself outside of Odyssey, that I forgot the stuff I had to do.

Our garden? Still in the process of making boxes. We decided to block off half of the current garden area from the chickens, instead of starting all over again. My deck is still full of sprouting zucchini's, sunflowers and green beans.

My Great-Books? Still plodding along. Enjoying this, actually.

Our new Mediterranean Diet? Still in trial and error. Everyone is still taking turns cooking This week?
Monday- leftover tortellini and steaks..tacos from Taco Cabana
Tuesday- nachos (Big B is cooking)
Wednesday - eggplant parmigiana, sausage and tomatoes
Thursday- baked salmon, wild-rice, salad (Austen cooks)
Friday - make your own pizza
Saturday - mason cooks..don't know yet.
Sunday-Cody cooks..don't know yet.

Still on a role. We are now down to three book-shelves in our home. THAT is truly amazing.

Now for the stuff I haven't done.
1. Finish my books, and write a paper (2?) for my parish ministry training program
2. laundry
3. Start and finish my driver's ed online
4. laundry
5. Go to the TDC training for Kairos
6. laundry
7. Order the cookies from SYSCO for Kairos
9. finish the mentoring paperwork for the Club.
10. laundry

Why do we have so much laundry?

These are things that need to plod through during Spring Break?

My kids? They are having fun!

Brian and Angee are in SA for the Break. They came up to Bandera this weekend. Hung out for Micheal's graduation/birthday barbecue...and restrained their nerdiness by NOT giving him lots of pie since it was Pi-day. They, did, however, make sure we all knew about Pi-day. They are spending most of the break visiting their families and playing Ultimate Frisbee. (in theory the non-tackling version..but I hear rumors otherwise). Brian did go back to kerataconous specialist to have one of his lenses re-adjusted.

Cody and Mason? They are deep-sea fishing as we speak. They are both spending time hanging out with friends, the beach..and I believe Cody is ice-skating with friends when he returns.

Austen? work. He is still working at the water-park, and OMing with his team. We did treat ourselves to a movie last night. Austen and I saw The Green Zone. We both enjoyed it...and I believe he is planning to join Cody and teens at the ice-skating rink in SA.

Signing off, to read, write and rotate laundry.

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