Saturday, March 13, 2010

Survey Says..

We have been taking polls all week during meals.

Our primary participants have been Mason, Austen, Cody, Devin, Big B, and Me. We have occasionally been joined by Michael and Pam, Ricci and Sandy and the co-op kids as well.

Survey Says...

Favorite Wine? (because this is the funnest survey) It was unanimous -Twin Oaks Sweet Red Wine.

Favorite breakfast? the boys seemed to gravitate to yogurt (with fruit) and toast and jelly.

Favorite lunch? The pitas were ditched in favor of the Greek wraps with pb, honey and granola. Also? Boiled eggs.

Favorite snack? apples with caramel, honey-flavored peanuts.

Favorite dinner? Home-made pizza (okay..from the Chef Boyardee Box) of course!. ..followed closely by Fish in Crazy Water (except for our vegetarian) who stuck to baked zucchini and mixed greens. Also a favorite the tomatoes (specifically the tomatoes) in the Ratatouille.

Favorite dessert? chocolate cheese cake...(except for our non-chocolate eater..also our non-meat eater). He says? Yogurt.

Favorite conversation? I believe soccer prevailed. Followed closely by car-repairs, upcoming wedding plans (for Michael and Pam) , SAT's, girls (specific girls, actually) and summer jobs..or lack thereof..

Signing off to eat dinner on the deck;)

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Hi, I'm Terri! said...

Who is the non-chocolate-eating vegetarian you are currently housing???? -Terri