Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Men

Random Shots of the "Little Men" (as Big B likes to call them), who use our home as the place to crash land-and hang in.  And Yes...some of them even live here..others are simply the "frequent fliers". We are lucky to have them all in our lives.

Our Cast of Characters:

Calvin (15), Austen (16) and Cody (17)...The Beach Bums!
  Calvin (15) and Levi (2 months) Brother Bonding

Fishing in the Back Yard.  Cody (17) and Mason (17)  Also known as Thing 1 and Thing 2

Lunchtime! Bryan (6), Michael (10), Jose (11)..who had the unfortunate luck of being referred to as "Little Bryan, Little Michael, and Little Jose"...too many dads/uncles/friends with the same names floating around this place.

Devin (16) with friend Mandy at local gallery

Justin (16) Literally Hanging taken a year ago at ropes course.

Brian (20!) with girlfriend Angee (19)...another year old pic..sorry. Brian-Scott has also been dubbed "little Brian"..and then renamed .."Middle Brian" least he's a flexible guy.

Levi (2 months)..still getting acquainted with the Cast.

..and onto the most frequently heard phrase in la casa

*What's For Dinner?
Sunday: eggplant parmigiana, manicotti, salad
Monday: cheese enchiladas, beans, corn-bread, corn, fruit salad
Tuesday: pita sandwiches (feta, tomato, olive..and salmon optional) with peasant soup
Wednesday: spaghetti, green beans, spinach salad, french bread
Thursday: portabella mushroom burgers or hamburgers, sweet potato fries, fruit salad
Friday: make your own pizza
Saturday: dinner in Austin.(.returning Little Man "Middle Brian" and Angee to Austin for school)

* this is just a plan. Breakfast for dinner, or quesadillas, are always our fallback. We usually have one fallback a week.

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