Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Baby Turns 20?!


Brian-Scott turns 20 today. 20!!! Can you believe it?!

I have been taking some time to process this.


It seems like just yesterday I was carrying him with we carry Levi now...and then he began to talk.

"Democrat" being his first word....Compliments of grandma.

We discover early that Brian is intense, quirky and kind. What wonderful traits!

Brian is 12 months when the pediatrician is concerned he may have leukemia. After further testing, we are relieved to discover it is only thalesemia minor.  Our baby? Takes all the blood work in stride..grinning and "singing" as we panic..and hold him tighter..and breathe again..still holding him a little tighter.

He is 3 and pondering how the end of a pencil is the same as infinity...and simultaneously worried he can't find his stuffed Barney. He makes up rules to games..sometimes, he cheats.

He is 5 and horrified at all the letters in books. A, B, C? ...(sigh) what do we mean what sound do these make? These represent unknown variables!..but could we please read him another story. He continues to make up rules to games. Brian continues to sometimes cheat.

Brian is 9 and dabbles with martial arts. Then he discovers gambling..we discuss the ethics of gambling. So instead he offers to teach us a new game. We respectfully decline..Also he wants to know why he must stay in school. After all..can't we just read to him?

..and so we do.

Brian becomes intense with martial arts...I LOVE to watch him and his friends at karate. He spends almost 4 years at the dojo..5/6 days a week, 3-4 hours a day...and then we add gymnastics. His uncle teaches him computer programming and more math. He enjoys several years and friendships from Odyssey of the Mind. He starts summer PREP programs..and the rest of the time can we please keep reading to him?

Brian is at loose ends. We won't let him go to college until he is at least 16. He plays a lot of roller hockey. He volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club. He continues with Odyssey..and he prepares to leave home to the Texas Academy of Math and Science.

Here is Brian at one of his last Odyssey of the Mind a competitor. They built a car out of sponges.

..and so my baby (my oldest baby that is) leaves home at the ripe old age of 16.

I cry for weeks. I am not ready to say goodbye so early..yet I know this is what he needs.

Brian comes home in the summers and works at a lab nearby. He starts dating Angee. He has known her since he was 8/9? They went to karate together. They work at the lab together. They have been dating 3 years now!.

Brian moves from the dorms at TAMS to an apartment at UTAustin where he studies electrical engineering.Brian discovers he has kerataconous...his vision is rapidly declining. I can't help but be proud of how he takes it all in stride.

The following year..Brian and Angee get an apartment together. Brian and Angee surround themselves with a strong support system. They cultivate strong friendships...and by the way..if someone would like to write a paper for him..Brian is okay with that.

Brian and Angee study, study, and study...they stay in close touch with both families.

They travel. They ski. They play at beaches.

They look for things they can do together..with others..where Brian won't unintentionally injure other people guessing where things are. For ball. Brian has caused one too many racket-ball injuries.

They settle on  lots of  frisbee..even when Brian is guessing who he is throwing too..His frisbee team wears very bright colored shirts, hoping to increase the odds of his throwing the frisbee to his own team-mates. They are really neat kids...and Brian?

Brian enjoys life.

..and now he turns 20! (GASP!!) What can I say? I love this kid!

Brian and his friends decide to spend the weekend here..camping..and I discover that Brian and Angee are now only speaking to Levi in Mandarin. Of course..Brian mostly discusses diodes and resisters with Levi. His brother's keep trying to remind him that he might be interested in other sitting up. Brian remains unconvinced.

Go figure.

We are glad to have them all..all 13-15 of these teens and young adults.

Even (ahem) the camping cheaters who never quite venture outside:)

Happy Birthday Brian.

We love you.


K said...

Your typo cracked me up!!

"Brian is 9 and dabbles in the MARITAL arts."


Happy Birthday, Brian!

grillledcheesechic said...

Yikes! I hope not.... typo fixed;)