Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lazy Day Bliss

It is starting to feel like Fall here in the Tx. Hills - also known as the land with no seasons.

This morning we awoke to a howling wind. Levi is up and ready to play at 4 a.m. Somehow, he hasn't gotten the message there has been a time change. No explaining will do. Levi is not interested, in the least, in day-light savings.

I place a kettle on the stove. Cinnamon tea it is. I place a Louis Armstrong c.d. in our kitchen c.d. player...and this seems to have set the tone for our day.

I absolutely love days with no agenda.

Austen is still recovering from hunting over the weekend.Too much time in the cold..his asthma is in full swing.Yet he is grateful. You know,he says with a grin, I'll take this kinda sick over a migraine any day. At least I can still function. Cody is swollen, bruised and bloody (it's soccer season).

We are finally finished with transcripts, grants, soccer paper-trail, etc. Working on Cody's transcripts motivated me to be a little more organized with Austen. So..Sunday night I started putting Austen's transcript together. Oh my.

I show him what he has accomplished (in that highschool transcript checklist sort-of way) so-far. Austen is still a sophomore, he has completed the equivalent of 2 years of highschool English, 3 years of science, 2 years of social sciences, and numerous electives..but math?..and .. you know Gov't and  U.S history. Well..We do have another 2 1/2 years. We agree to switch math programs that might be more effective for Austen.

So anyway..after all this paper-trail, trying to be organized stuff..on top of just feeling puny. We decide a lazy day is in order.

 The boys have spent the morning reading.Cody snuggles under the blankets in his room to read Hamlet, Austen sprawls out on the living room floor to read The Story of US (Thirteen Colonies). He is next to Levi.   Levi has spent most of the morning trying to learn to craw. Occasionally Levi and Austen get distracted playing peek-a boo with a quilt..which for some reason Levi finds hysterically funny. I rotate laundry, pack stuff to give to the Ronald McDonald House, start some minestrone and play on the computer.

Occasionally we converse with each other. Austen wants to know if I know what a privateer is. He is enamored with the idea of a pirate that works for a king. I mean, really. What could be cooler?

At one point, Cody wanders into the living room. We discuss whether to give away an old science set. Before long I realize that the boys and I have spent over an hour in conversation. A range of topics from telescopes, netflix, suicide... privateers.

Cody decides to make omelets for lunch. Austen is not far behind.

Now? The kitchen has been raided, bellies are full. All studying seems to have ceased..and we are planning a movie/ Terminator-Sarah Connor Chronicles marathon for the rest of the day...complete with left-over Halloween candy.

Ahh..lazy day bliss.

What's for dinner:
Monday: community dining at Balsley's (or Balsley take-out for those at soccer) Spaghetti!
Tuesday: minestrone, grilled sandwiches, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers
Wednesday: three cheese tortellini, salad
Thursday: honey chipotle salmon, wild-rice, broccoli with cheese
Friday: make your own pizza
Saturday: swiss steak, bread sticks, spinach salad 
Sunday: linguine with Alfredo sauce, stuffed clams, green beans, sliced fruit

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