Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend in Pics!

We spend Wednesday with just our immediate family (a rare occasion in itself)..eating dinner, catching up with each other and playing with Levi.
 Here, Levi shows off his latest crawling maneuvers.

Austen and Brian spend a few hours just talking and going over gyro-copter plans. Then all three boys stay up way into the night playing MineCraft

Thanksgiving Day? I make the boys - all of them- Brian, Cody, Austen, Calvin and Levi..pose for entirely too many pictures. It hits me that this may be the last year with everyone home. Brian and Cody both graduate this Spring. (Brian from UT, Cody from..well..home!). I do not know where they will be living at this time next year.

Selfishly? I hope they stay in Texas. That way..I can see them on all the holidays! After all, it's all about what mom wants..right?!  (sigh) no one else agrees either!

But if... they say...Michigan..or Pennsylvania..or Massachusetts? Well I just hope they find a nice family to spend the holidays with!

So I take all these pictures. I lose the camera. pics.

On Friday we wake the boys up at noon. It is our family tradition to put the tree up after Thanksgiving..and leave it up until Epiphany.I think the boys all sense it may be the last year..because this year? They do not argue, moan or groan like they have the past few years.

Here Brian and Cody decorate our tree.(Brian took pity on me and let me use his camera phone)

..and now Austen? He is placing the baby-proofed ornaments on the bottom of the tree. You know..things like..NOT GLASS!
  The Boys Pose for a variety of tree-poses. I was fired..because, they obviously, take MUCH BETTER PICTURES than me. Here are my dear, charming, unruly boys. Gotta love them!

This pic was taken shortly before they all took off to hang-out with friends and girl-friends for the rest of the weekend.

and finally?                                    

The Advent Candles

Advent  is one of my favorite parts of the season.

I know the colors have changed over the years...but I love the tradition of gathering around the candles in the evenings and reading the Christmas story. One week at a time.  Lighting the candles along the way.

It is a time to reflect, to meditate, to wait.....and to enjoy some of the magic of the Season.

A few years ago, my good friend Leticia passed away just before Thanksgiving. Advent was a season Leticia treasured..and I hope to pass this tradition on to her daughter/my god-daughter Katherine.

Most years, Katherine helps me set up the candles..but this year? She is having her 10th  birthday party! So I promise Katherine I will set up the candles..and on Sunday, (the beginning of advent)...... We are roller-skating!

Katherine and I agree to light the candles together during her Christmas break.

What's for dinner?
Saturday- broccoli/cheese soup, grilled turkey sandwiches
Sunday- barbecue for friend's birthdays?? and veggie burgers
Monday - not dining? I'll be at Cody's soccer game.
Tuesday- lasagna, salad, french bread
Wednesday - Swiss steak, pasta salad, salad
Thursday-veggie tacos
Friday -make your own pizza


Mark said...

Um, Noon? What?
I have no teenagers yet. Is this normal? It's 6:30a.m. right now and I'm surprised that my oldest, John, isn't running down the stairs and waking everyone up.
I thought for sure that Levi was break dancing. I guess that shows my age.
I'm glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving with all of your kids at home. That's the sad thing about having a lot of children, they scatter to the far ends of the earth. My co-worker has it lucky. She has one son and when she retires next year, she'll be moving to the town where he just put down roots. It's cool, they are good friends.
Take care.
Your Friend, m.

grillledcheesechic said...

Yup..noon. It's wonderful! (in a weird, twisted sort-of way). I remember all those years I had to remind Austen and Brian to please not wake me up until the sun came out. Now? I ask them to please go to bed before the sun comes out.