Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK March 2011

  This is our 12th year of attending the M.L.K. March in San Antonio. One of the biggest marches in the nation.

This year we did not go with any organization. (homeschoolers, Darfur Coallition, Trinity, etc.) We simply went..and then hooked up with a group of Lutherans from various churches around S.A.

On the way to the March the kids and I discussed briefly why we still march. Our country has come a long way in civil rights for ALL people since it's founding. It still has a long way to go.
 We meet up with Rhonda and her USAA crowd 1/2 through the march. Here she is with Jack.

Cody decides to be sneaky and secretly fill Rhonda's pockets with fliers and water-bottles. Thing is? There were  lot less politics today than in years pass. People marched for peace. As opposed to x cause or y cause. I have not seen this happen in almost a decade. It created a different sense of unity. And in lieu of recent political discourse/divide in this nation..I think it was a welcome break for all.

But back to the sneaky boy . Rhonda should soon discover all sorts of treasures in her pocket. Also? Cody gave out gold stars. Okay one gold star. To Jack..because he believed he should receive one for traveling the farthest in the Lutheran contingent. I don't know which was funnier that Jack wanted a star, or that Cody happened to have stars in his wallet!

  This next picture is an attempt to portray the numbers of people..but it was hard to get might get run over.AND...the boys were in a hurry. They now know what to expect on this march.

See the Boys and Girls Club. Perfect I just happen to have my Club card. (Austen) The hot-chocolate is around the corner. (Devin) I already's still here!..but the line is too long.(Cody)..and so on.

After the march we meet up with my sister and Bug where they are staying. We swing by grandma's for lunch...and while we are there grandpa books a flight for Cody and I to visit Kettering U. because CODY  HAS BEEN ACCEPTED TO KETTERING! Which right now, is his first choice. He will attend Kettering's Prep for Success workshop (with co-op info) and look closely at finances before making any final decisions.

 So we hang at grandma and grandpa's long enough to discuss college angst, the march and watch Bug and Cody fall asleep in the living room, before returning home to prepare for community dining.

What's for Dinner?
Monday:community dining- beans, ham, biscuits, baby carrots
Tuesday: (soccer game) lazy day stew and/or veggie burgers
Wednesday: mini Italian (venison) meat-balls, mushroom risotto
Thursday: sole in saor, baked zucchini, french bread
Friday: (soccer game) eat out? Soup or Salad?
Saturday: chicken parmigiana or veggie nuggets with noodles and sauce
Sunday:  roast, Sicilian potatoes, fried okra,salad

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