Saturday, January 01, 2011

Starting off the New Year with a Bang.

 and that is not a joke!

7 teenage boys. A yard that is firework legal...and boys who have been making explosions for a year. Now with the perfect excuse to BLOW THINGS UP!!

and that is what they did.

But in the meantime? We ate..and ate..and ate.

Here are some pics. All are too dark because the camera is just funky that way. Sorry folks. My house really doesn't have a permanent orange haze.

First I would like to introduce the cooks as they prepare for a Party of 25.

          Austen really is in his element in the kitchen. Here he is filling the pots. 2 large pots..One for crab with for crab without. You know..I really can see this kid with an organic cajun cafe' one day. If not..well his family will still eat well! the way..reminds me. For anyone who is aware of the cut the dreads or not question. Austen was accepted into the local Explorers program. However he  is  respectfully delaying/declining this opportunity.

Still trying to prepare academically to enter a culinary arts program (dual credit) next Fall..and he is assistant coach for an O.M. team. As soon as O.M is done he will be headed for his month of living off the land. Literally. So it looks like he will be the dreaded boy for just a tad longer.

As for the rest of the cooks?
First we have Brian and Richard in the kitchen. Brian loves to cook. So, Austen comes by it honestly.

 Angee and Mrs. Ong were drafted. Apparently? I do not have the proper cooking gene. Angee and her mom politely let me know that they would be happy to "not waste so much shrimp." I was fired from shrimp prep.

Before long....4 tables were set with butcher paper, wooden hammers and crab forks. (some from a nice crab opening set and some stolen from Joe's Crab Shack). Food was poured directly onto the tables.

Wah lah!  Party In Full Swing!

Devin, Mason and Austen eat while plotting what explosions to create next.
 Katherine and Chris..also explosion plotting.

The rest of us just enjoying our food!

What can I say? We eat. We laugh. We visit.

Bug decides it is way past his bedtime at 10:30. No amount of noise will awake him. He sleeps through firecrackers and all.

We visit some more..and some brave souls even venture out onto the back deck to warm themselves by the chiminea while watching the kids. Devin puts on some awesome fire-works displays. Mason teaches the other boys how to build more explosives..and oops. Sorry Uncle Brian..that wasn't supposed to land between your legs! Big B gives us all a scare..but he is fine and rejoins the deck crew for more.

At midnight we toast eachother with Mimosas and Sparkling Ciders.

Below is a sampling of some of the awesome but frightening explosions of the kids.

Happy New Years!

New Year's Ammonium Percholorate det (20 gram)

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