Monday, December 27, 2010

The Greatly Revised Night Before Christmas (with strange fonts..not sure why)

Twas the night before Christmas, when we left grandma's home
We were so stuffed  with latkes, that our mouths they did foam.
We watched Santa on Radar. Channel 5, with  great care.
And rushed to Bandera to meet the man there.

The children were tucked in both of our cars.
They put on their headphones and looked for the stars.  
Austen and I dressed in jeans and our coats.
When we took a short detour to feed some friends' goats.

When just as we turned down the road in the muck.
I see Santa driving buy in an old pickup truck.
"Did you see him?" I ask my dear son, "He's still in view!"
But lost in his music, he hasn't a clue.

We arrive to our friends, but  concerns soon arise.
When the gate is unlocked yet we continue. Unwise.
My son walks in the house, while I wait with phone in hand.
He quickly returns, and scans the surrounding land.

Nothing is missing, but things are not right.
We debate what to do on this strange Christmas night.
A few calls are made, and we continue on our way.
I wonder. Oh, I wonder about that Santa with no sleigh.

Once back at home, with our family near.
We open the treasures which so miraculously appear.
E-books and clothes. Bows and arrows and more.
I 'm enticed to the deck to find a chiminea in full roar.

We warm ourselves by the fire and comment.
On how such a strange evening still leaves us content.
We are truly blessed without a doubt.
And now off to bed, before the sun peeks out.
As I cover myself with my blanket in bed,
I replay Christmas eve. Rewind in my head.
And as I nod off, I know all is right.
"Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good-night!"

What's for Dinner?
Sunday: Caprese pizzas
Monday:  community dining-spaghetti with (or without) meatballs, green beans, french bread  
Tuesday:  parmesan crusted chicken with creamy risotto, salad
Wednesday: grilled portabella bruschetta
Thursday: salisbury steaks or veggie burgers
Friday: New Year's Eve-Cajun Crab Boil
Saturday: tacos


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Sardine Mama said...

sounds like it was the grinch in that truck!