Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Bug...

Dear Bug,

  First let me start with, I'm sorry you have acquired the nickname Bug.

What can I say? Sometimes these things just happen. I realize that  Uncle Brian, your cousins and myself have been merciless. Snuggle bug,   bed bug, snotty bug, little bugger,( insert bug name here)...and now we have taken your beautiful name: Levi Thomas..and you have been dubbed Bug.   Please is said with full affection from all.

Now the main reason for this letter is to let you know how glad I am to have you with us this Christmas Season. (your first!)..and. to help you understand some of the nonsense around you.  Maybe I can even give you a clue or two on how to survive this Holiday Season .

But first things first. I had NO IDEA last Christmas season, that we would have the honor of sharing this time with the wonderful, growling monster, tree-eating, boat motor spitting, bug you are.  I am so proud of that big  heart you so openly share. You are a true LOVE BUG. What a pleasant surprise for us! Sometimes? Life has those sneaky little surprises. I hope you learn to recognize and LOVE THEM when you get old like me.

Now..onto this Christmas stuff. You know how we have spent Wednesday evening at the soup and salad dinner and then advent service at the church. Well that is because we like to get together to celebrate this time called advent. Advent is the time of pregnant anticipation in which we await the coming of Christmas Day. We can go into more details about Christmas day when you are older.

For now..just know..we celebrate with family and friends. As we enjoy our food, we  remember and reach out to those who are hungry. As we warm ourselves by the fireplace,we remember and reach out to those who have no shelter.  As we enjoy our time with family and friends, we remember and reach out to those who are lonely. It is also important to take some time during this season, to allow ourselves to grieve for those who are no longer with us.

Compassion, love and hope are key themes that this season represents.

Now, one of the ways we celebrate Christmas is by sharing gifts..and sometimes we even receive them. Then, of course, is all the magic that comes with that Santa Guy I told you about.

But for now,  back to these Christmas gifts, and the sharing of Christmas magic...that is why the house has been SO CRAZY lately.

So here are a few hints to help you through this and future seasons.

Hint 1: Not everyone is as meticulous as Cody and Ellie. So when buttons must be is not necessary to sort  them by as many details (or to place them in patterns)as they choose. Your cousin and his ever gracious girlfriend are simply a bit quirky sometimes.It is okay to be a bit more laid your Aunt Nicole...or Justin.  But taking the example of these guys and jumping in to help make always appreciated during the holidays.

Hint 2: While Aunt Sandy appreciates the help in the kitchen. It is not necessary to show her how you spit while you are around the banana-bread batter. You CAN help mix things and laugh and play while you do it like your cousin Austen and Devin if you want. Help in the kitchen IS also appreciated during the holidays.

Hint 3: Not everyone who practices music for various holiday occasions puts the wrong guitar strings on their guitars. That is simply because your Aunt Nicole and Jack are amateur musicians. Real musicians? They are a little more put together. But professional or amateur doesn't matter. Music is one of the coolest parts of the season...and music reminds me of our next hint.

Hint 4:  Many families listen to Christmas music. The usual repertoire consists of songs like Silent Night,Oh Holy Night, Frosty the Snowman and here in South Texas Feliz Navidad. Now a few of these songs you have heard (and will hear)in church. The rest? Well..I am so sorry. Your cousins have been a bit difficult about my Christmas C.D.'s this year. So for now, you will have to be content with AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nickleback. Maybe things will be different next year.

Hint 5: Now this is your last and final hint. But it is probably the most important. Your Aunt Nicole is not a chew toy. For that matter, no human is a chew toy. Some people would even call it biting. Please refrain from chewing on us. It hurts.

I believe that is enough for holiday-season hints.

Your cousin Brian and Angee both missed you the other day. They will see you when they return from Colorado. They also LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.

On Christmas Eve we will all (like your mom, your brother, aunts, uncles and cousins) go to church with grandma and grandpa. After church we will go to grandma and grandpa's house for tamales, crackers and oysters, eggnog, etc. It will be a late night for you..I would suggest a nap during the day.

All for now, we have community dining to prepare for. I think a bath is in order before company arrives. After all, Stink Bug is not a flattering name.

With Much Love,

         Aunt Nicole


Sardine Mama said...

I was just wondering what Ellie is up to...nice to know she is being productive by sorting buttons. I bet she is in heaven. Strange child.

grillledcheesechic said...

Sardine mama..I thought you might be curious. They tolerated my work. (sigh) They were a HUGE help, though.
Hope you don't mind me writing a bit about her.

Anonymous said...

Such a precious bug! Auntie Ann