Friday, December 10, 2010

Full Day Ahead

  I read a quote on the SonLight Forums (SonLight being the Lit program we use) last week. A mom simply stated

I keep having the feeling that something great in my life is going to happen..just around the corner. And then I is here. I am living the something great. here. now.

I have been thinking about her statement quite a bit in the past week. I know the do many. That the great thing in life is coming..tomorrow, next week, next year. I just need to x, y and z first. So I stopped planning and took a long hard look at my life, now

I have learned much from the guys at the prison where I occasionally worship. I am learning to live life fully. To appreciate and celebrate every moment of it. I am realizing how wealthy (not necessarily monetarily) life can be for all.

 ...and I realize I am living the something great. here. now.

I know some of my friends and readers are very skeptical about using the word blessed. But blessed is how I truly feel.

I truly do not believe in a Santa Claus God that blesses some and punishes others based on their acts. I believe in a God that is love. And sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen because we are human beings that live in an imperfect world. I think our blessings come in how we appreciate or recognize what we have, no matter what the circumstances in our lives are. The blessings come in appreciation and the message of hope.

It is as simple as that.

That said. Today is the last day the older boys and I are doing any type of formal studying for about a month. The past 5 weeks we have gone nonstop. Writing, reading, mathing (we are pretending that is a word), discussing and all over again. I have almost finished the work I need for my Parish Ministry Training Program classes this week. What is left should not take more than an hour.

Now? Back to life, This simple thing known as nothing extravagant, ordinary life.

I wake a crying baby. We snuggle..Big B still calls him Clingon. I prefer Snuggle Bug. Coffee with Big B..then? Play/carry the Levi kiddo for a couple hours.

We learned this week, that my sister has been accepted into a transitional housing center. Meaning? She and Levi have an opportunity to call someplace home for the next 2 years. Also? The center is fine with Levi continuing to stay with us during the week. So..Yay. 

It is 9 a.m. now..and here I am, playing on a blog. In a few minutes I wake up the older kids and we eat french toast and scrambled eggs while discussing economics. I really am savoring this time at home. I have no idea what my life will hold in 6 months. I will be working, somewhere. It will be a necessity. So I savor this time I have now.

 This afternoon consists of a trip to the library, a Christmas Tea, a short stop at the Club, a soccer game and then off to the beach.

It is a wealthy life we live. All of us.

 I challenge all of my readers- all couple of you- to take a moment to reflect on the wealth  in your own life.

 To live life fully. Here. Now.

What's for Dinner?
Saturday: ?
Sunday: tacos
Monday: community dining (Arguelles home) Chicken soup..and chocolate martinis(?)
Tuesday: lasagna (spinach and mushroom), french bread, salad
Wednesday: meatball sandwiches or veggie burgers, fruit salad
Thursday: eggplant  parmesan, bread sticks, salad
Friday:  make your own pizzas

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Anonymous said...

Just lovely, Nicole. I like you definition of blessed, not something we receive, but our attitude about what we already have.

I have started blogging again under my true name. The name of the blog has also changed, but mostly just me, pondering and writing at the request of my mom, mostly.

Enjoy your beach get-away.