Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still June

It is hot. Like abnormal even for South Texas hot. We have been in the triple digits for a couple of weeks now. The county (along with numerous other counties) has been declared a disaster due to drought/fire conditions.The electric company asks that we lower our power usage (turn up ac temps, etc.) during the peak hours to avoid power outages because it is TOO HOT. We are no longer swimming in the river. It is too stagnant.  We swim only early morning or in the evening. Too hot to be outside. It is still June.

So...we develop new things to do. Inside. I suppose this is what happens during snowy season in colder climates. That is the rumor anyway. Personally? I have never lived anywhere cold enough to be homebound. But home-bound for heat..we have visited a time or two before. Just not so early in the summer.

This morning Bug and I make soup and bread. Cody awakes and steps over our small toddler table. Our table surrounded by a lovely bean (from the soup) and flour (from the bread) explosion.

What he this?

Dinner. I respond. Cody looks at Bug covered in flour and dough. Don't worry...I separated his dough from the rest. Cody still looks sceptical. The bread that is rising is safe. He grunts in reply before he finishes making his breakfast.

I join Cody at the other table - the bigger people table- as Bug pushes a tricycle across the kitchen floor. I am savoring this time with Cody. He is leaving soon. August 20th, to be exact.

This past weekend Big B, Cody and I attended the parent/student orientation at Schreiner. Payment plans are finalised, health forms complete, etc. He is now officially enrolled. Cody even has his Fall classes and is now figuring out which text-books to rent, buy or e-book. All Cody has left to wait for (other than actual move-in) is his room-mate assignment. He will know in early August.

I remind myself it is still June.

You know says Cody you really should get him a walker.  

I have images of Cody at Bug's age. Pushing a big wheel..a big wheel with a bucket on back where he would stash all his treasures. Treasure mostly being rocks and cheerios. No walker.

I watch Bug (still decorated in flour) pushing the trike over a shoe. A size 13 gigantic shoe - must be Austen's. Bug stoops down and places the shoe in the bucket. The bucket  filled with beans.

I look at the young man in front of me. Cody is now washing his dishes before leaving for work.  Cody says again...walker?? 

I look at the two of them...Bug with the beans in his trike. Cody heading out the door.

No. I respond. He will be just fine. See ya' for dinner? 

Cody nods his head and says See ya' tonight.

I am grateful it is still June.


Mark said...

Okay, you people need to move. I can barely imagine how you're surviving. But that making soup and baking bread thing isn't helping you either. Try a salad! No cooking needed.
Good luck with the rest of the Summer. You do know it just started last week, right?
I know, I'm being mean. You can get back at me this February when we are slipping on ice.
Your Friend, m.

grillledcheesechic said...

I know. Soup and bread in the summer makes no sense. We needed something to do. I'm saladed out. And..actually? We had a little break last week. One day of almost rain...down to the 90's. Has been regularly 102-106 for the past 3 weeks. Craziness, I tell you. Pure craziness. I just didn't care until last week!