Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Begins (in Pics)

It is the beginning of summer. We are creating new rhythms-yet again. The boys work, work, work, and play Catan. Here are Brian, Cody and Austen (without the dreads), playing their 4th game in less than 24 hours.

This leaves me and Bug to create our own summer routine..and the kid needs his routine! He is quick to let us know if we miss we start with play of course! Bug plays until I have a cup of coffee.

Then? Breakfast on the deck before we hit the sand

Which is usually followed by a nature walk, lunch and the RIVER!!!

 This, of course would be followed by a much needed nap! Then?

We clean.....

and do laundry......


and SWIM AGAIN!!!!

This time we just hit the pool in the backyard. Sometimes one of the boys will join us. They are way-more-fun than Aunt Nicole. But no matter who swims in the afternoon..the afternoon swim is not complete without

one popsicle to be dripped all over the mushroom house. The awesome mushroom house which now has a huge hole busted through the side of it. Why? Because according to seemed to need one more exit.

Then we are back to..more play!

And of course dinner would not be complete without  help. Here Bug is helping Uncle Brian in the kitchen.

 It is true..I usually interrupt the little man's cooking ventures when the whining sets in. Then it is time for a bath, p.j.'s and finally...

dinner with the family.

Our day, our week..and quickly turning into our be followed on the weekend with the older kids.

and more Catan!!!

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Mark said...

What a life!
Enjoy your Summer. m.