Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Tale of Two Rings

..but first. I was going to say that Shrek is out!!!! ...and Lion King is in?

After months and months of watching Shrek...dreaming Shrek..imagining appeared Levi had moved to Lion King! I was wrong. As I type, the kiddo is planted in front of Shrek. For what it's worth?

Big B is enjoying Lion King.  Go figure.

Now onto our tale of two rings. Two years ago (wow..has it really been that long already?). 2 years ago, Big B and I went with some family friends to Port Aransas, Tx. Also known as The Beach! On that trip we replaced our lost and broken wedding rings at a small beach shop. It was quite an adventure..this ring search of ours. I blogged about it at the time, and I'm just too lazy to re-tell the story now.

Fast forward to last month. I had (ahem) lost my ring again. Actually, it came off in the river last summer.   So on a Saturday morning,  Big B and I made another journey to the beach shop. We replaced the ring, tried craw-fish at Crazy Cajun, hung out at the beach. All-in-all a really enjoyable day.

Today was one of my volunteer days at the prison. After going through security, I realized (music in background please?) I did not have my ring! I mentioned to a passing officer that I was pretty sure I had left my ring in the check-in area. (The gates had been closed and locked behind me. There was no way to go back and get it) I figured I was going to have to explain to Big B that I had lost a-n-o-t-h-e-r ring. I was not looking forward to this.

In the middle of chapel, I was called out. The offenders laughed "'re in trouble again!" An officer was waiting, walkie-talkie in hand. "Did you happen to lose a ring?" she asked. "Oh thank God." I told her the story. Some of my brothers-in-white were greatly amused and felt happy to share my irresponsibility with rings story know..everyone!

And then I returned to chapel. We spend the day in worship, in prayer, in fellowship. 8 hours later, as I am preparing to leave, the officer reminds me not to forget my ring. She then walkie-talkies another officer. This goes on for a while. As I leave the entrance area...two more officers laugh."It's up there! " They smile..pointing at the officer at the top of the front picket (the big tower).

As I head to the front picket. Another officer is waving. He places my ring on a hook and lowers it to me. "Don't worry, Nicole. We gotcha covered. Now you can go home and tell your husband how you remembered your ring."

But the real ring tale is MUCH MORE INTERESTING. Last week I had mentioned that Brian and Angee had real life things going on. They have informed me that I can, indeed, post that....

Brian and Angee are engaged!

Wedding will be early next summer, sometime following their graduations from UT Austin.

 Now isn't THAT just coolness?!


Lisa said...

Wahoo! Congratulations Brian and Angee! Congratulations Mom and Dad!

Unknown said...

Super coolness! Wow mom, you're going to be a Mother-in-Law! love you!

Mark said...

Look, I just don't think you were meant to wear rings at all. There, I said it!
And yes, Congratulations on the newly engaged couple!!! That is terrific news.
now, off to figure out your word verification...