Monday, September 10, 2012

A quick catch-up.

Wow. Where to start. Every week I think...ooh..this would be great fun to blog about..and then another fun blog...and another insight. And then it is too much and I become instead? I just. don't. blog.

So that said. This will pretty much be a blog in pics.

Starting with Cody!!!!  Cody is home.

Here is Cody on the eve of his return. Cody's girlfriend,  Elle, also hung out with us for a few days. We were thrilled to have them home. As you can tell by the look on his face. The feeling is absolutely mutual.

What can I say? I am occasionally the queen of denial.

Truth be told, Cody is busy..going to classes, working and all that important stuff. So we don't really see him much. But it's great to have him home, none-the-less.

Cody, however, is not the only that has come home. Brian and Angee came to visit a few weeks ago. Here is a pic of Big B in complete in the midst of wedding planning and voicing concerns about Austen's math (or lack there-of)..our young adults became immersed in a game of...

pokemon (she says in a whisper)

Yes folks..I said. Pokemon. Here they are intensely focused on creating the perfect deck.

Meanwhile..Austen? know the one of great concern? He is napping..then guitar playing..and working. Just for the record..this  Austen kid has been busy working (new/old job at Flying L now that girl-scout camp is over), and volunteering (grilled over 70 hamburgers for the Club),working math problems and filling out scholarship applications, reading books, and playing air-soft. He is strongly contemplating a culinary institute in Arizona (as opposed to c.c. locally) he is trying to figure out how to fund this.

Finally we come to Levi. Levi has been busy..hiding in desk cabinets, and kitchen cabinets ..and fireplaces.

When he is not hiding in strange places..Levi has become Big B's alltime helper. He loves to help him "fix" cars, "fix" boats..and help him in the kitchen.

Here Big B makes pizza crusts.

We had a make-your-own pizza night for community dining. Big B was in his element.Yummy stuff.

While the rest of us have learned to stay out of Big B's way when he cooks..Levi? Levi just knows that no pizza dough would be complete without his help.!

So that's it. Work has been crazy for me. We have just signed contracts with one of the bigger school districts in San Antonio to service 120 kids..and are working on a deal with another district to teach a class on their campus. We will return to servicing the kids at one of the local homeless shelters in a week or two..and then, of course, are the regular Club kids. So yeah..a bit on the crazy side. But it's all good.

Striving to find a healthy balance between work, family time and personal time.

 For today? I get to enjoy the simple pleasures of sipping hot tea on my deck in the morning, helping Austen with some scholarship essay stuff, reading books with Levi (I have been reading while starting and stopping this post today), and getting ready for lunch with Big B. Hoping to work on some water-color placemats for Via de Cristo this afternoon.(Gotta tell you..coloring in stripes with watercolors is insanely therapeutic) Looking forward to community dining and guitar practice tonight.

Insane work overload can wait until tomorrow.

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