Monday, September 18, 2006

Cook, Cook, Cook..and I'm a liar

Okay. I said once a week..and here I am. I also said we would do what I planned. I lied. So..we start the day off reading the Yearling. Then we play some Lois Armstrong CD's and begin cooking. So far today we have prepared enchiladas, apricot pork chops, spicy peanut chicken, chicken-broccoli divan..and we threw garlic chicken in the crock-pot for actually eat. The boys decided that cooking, playing with the puppy..and playing with gyroscopes and boxes were much more entertaining than vocabulary or spelling. Yes..we did wash hands a lot. We stopped cooking and put things away at noon to watch the news. We had read an AP wire on the arrest of a town of immigrants in Georgia. It sounds like the gastapo all over again. Yet, there has been nothing on any of the local news. This led to discussion on discrimination, media control, etc. Now we are all messing around in our own rooms...okay..the boys are in their rooms..I am in the morning room/laundry room/school room/office. Cody is trying to figure out how to make a clam pump. Austen is trying to "write a book"..about some phantom penguin. We have a little bit of down time before going to the Club. We hope to prepare meatloaf and cabbage rolls tonight. We'll see...

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