Monday, September 18, 2006

A first attempt

Okay, this is one more feeble attempt for me to enter the world of information overload. I have been adviced by many to keep track of our lives. Who, I think, would care about our lives? Yet, as I find myself reading the numerous blogs of others on various quests ..I think well, maybe, just maybe, we may glimmer some insight through this thing called day-to day life for someone else. Maybe someone will think, "that is really cool"! Or maybe someone will think, "that is horrible!" OR...maybe they will think, "Man..what a waste of a blog!" with this horrible intro..let me tell you who we are. We are a very relaxed homeschooling family of 3 boys..hence the shaggy boys title. Actually, since oldest son Brian, age 16, has gone off to college..we have 2 at home now. Still at home are Cody, age 13 and Austen, age 12. Cody is a rambunctious, over-analyzing, soccer playing very intense, young teenager. Austen is a lively, friendly, outgoing boy who has epilepsy, asthma, capd..and every dys(lexia, calcula, graphia...)imaginable. Austen has taught us to question, and requestion everything we ever believed about life and learning. My plan is to post at least once a week about what we are (or are not) doing. So, that said. This week is insane. My mother lives in a town about an hour away. She is going in for a surgery and several weeks of radiation starting Friday. The boys and I planning to do our "once a month cooking" today. We started yesterday..So most of this morning will be spent cooking. We will read Chapter 5 of the Yearling together over a couple bowls of cereal. I will work with Austen on Spelling Power and some Montessori math, while Cody works on some English and Vocabulary. I will work with Cody on some Montessorri math while Austen practices his trumpet and piano. Then we will cook, cook, cook. I don't have to work until 1:30 today (I am a program director for a local Boys and Girls Club). The boys will come to work with me. Austen will prepare snacks for some 50+ kids, Cody will help me tutor some 50+ kids. The boys will participate in Odyssey of the Mind and an art class..then play, until their dad picks them up. They will finish cooking dinner while I finish working. In the evening..we will eat dinner, watch t.v., and go to bed. See? Unexciting, isn't it? Okay...I feel very brave telling you what we "will" do. But..we are pretty unoriginal in having diversions to our I can tell you this with confidence. Now if I can just find our puppy to get these boys out of bed!

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