Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween is here!

I think this is one of the favorite holidays for my kids! We had a festival at our church on Sunday. Cody worked one of the booths, I worked in concessions and Austen ran around in his "army man" costume. At the end of the night, he jumped off of a jungle gym and sprained his foot. BUT..today is the real day. The boys and I are making about 100 cupcakes this morning and cutting out 100 sets of eyes and mouths out of magazines for different booths at the Club. Then we need to spend about 30 minutes vacuuming, etc. around here. We are having a "make your own pizza" party with about 3 other families late this evening. We are spending the rest of the day at the Club setting up for this afternoon's festival. Austen is still an "army man", Cody says he is going to be a "muscle man" (he is drawing muscles all over himself). As staff at the Club we were going to be "Snap" "Crackle" and "Pop"....but as of last night I think it was changed to being "Club kids". I have no idea how to dress like a "Club kid". Maybe I'll throw on a KIDSKLUB t-shirt and a baseball cap or something.

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