Saturday, October 21, 2006


The inevitable has happened again. This past 2 weeks has been filled with doctors appointments for Austen and my mother. The boys have managed to read for a couple hours a day, and Cody has continued working at the Club and going to Friday School. Austen..well, reads, sleeps, reads, sleeps ...and finally this week felt good enough to return to cooking snacks for zillions of children a day on aproximately $20 for the week. (that really is a gift in and of itself, ya' know). However, Cody is starting to get nervous about his curriculum..and rightfully so. Hoping that on Monday we can return to some more structured work a few days a week. But the truth be known..Cody will be in San Antonio for a few days participating and filming/editing a "die-in" to promote Darfur awareness. So I'm not sure just how much seat work he is going to realistically accomplish. Brian(my husband..not my son) is deep sea fishing this weekend. He has been planning this trip with some of his co-workers for a couple of months....leaving me and the boys to ourselves for the weekend. It is a welcome break, really. We all went camping with our church last weekend, and I still haven't caught up on laundry, etc. from then. The boys and I plan to go to Cody's soccer game this morning and have a "t.v. watching, laundry doing, cleaning during commercials" marathon today. It should give us all a day to be lazy, take care of some needed cleaning stuff, and give Austen's body a chance to really rest.

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