Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weekly rhythm

We finally took the time to really look at where our time was going, and created a "weekly rhythm" that was much more realistic than what I thought we were doing. I just needed to see it out there to see if we had any consistency going in what we do (or do not) do. That and...we are subleasing a horse and Austen "hanging out at the barn" more and more. He is learning some awesome stuff..homeopathic horse care, equine massage therapy, how to train, etc...but it is time consuming. He is really motivated suddenly to "do school work" every morning so he can see the horse/horses before going to work with me in the afternoons. So...we have suddenly fallen into a pattern. Who knew? So...essentially..I am spending an hour a day every morning with Austen.We are primarily working on spelling, math and reading out loud. We wake up Cody, eat breakfast,clean a little, all read together for 30 minutes...and then I take Austen to "the barn". This gives Cody and I an hour or two together. We are primarily continuing his "Never Again" unit, reading sermons of Msg. Knox together and reviewing spelling, grammar and math. He then spends time drawing, sorting coins or taking care of his worms (he is starting a super-worm busines He is raising and hoping to sell these worms to garbage sites in various cities) We'll see how it goes. Cody is going to work with me Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays..he stays home and walks to soccer practice Tuesdays and Thursdays. Austen is coming to work with me everyday except Wednesday..when he hangs out with a friend and then goes to a musical rehearsal. On a different note. Brian-Scott came home from school this weekend. He leaves this weekend, but it has been nice to have him home for a day. He really seems to enjoy dorm life anyway. We spent last night searching for his hockey stick. He is taking roller blades and hockey stick back with him. I sure hope he is studying somewhere in here...

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