Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Grown Ups?

I was about to write a summer update..when I hear myself yelling, "Michael, stop putting noodles on the dog." Yes..Michael is 40somethingish. "We have a stringy dog." says Brian (the father of my children and my husband). "Look, he's a big, black meatball!" I ask them to quit. I remind them they are the grown-ups. "What grown-ups?" they both respond..and then watch the weather on the computer.

The weather tracking and the yawning at 9:38pm..would be the hint that they really are the grown-ups in this house. So while the men have spent the summer going to work, pretending the hot-tub is a mopbucket and doing victory/rain dances in the living room and kitchen...the boys..have been busy.

Austen and Mason have been attending a Good SAM Center work program. They have been volunteering time at the Club..and will be summer pay-check players at the Club starting Monday.

Mason leaves for a week in Costa Rica next Thursday.

Cody continues to work at the Flying L and is playing summer soccer. More exciting, he is now the sole owner of EuroTrans. He is starting with repair and resell of Mercedes transmissions. He became registered at the Court House today. He has papers and everything to make him official. Not bad for 16...

Brian-Scott is staying with the Ongs this summer. This will be his 3rd summer doing bone regeneration projects at the biomedical lab at UTSA. He is excited that this summer he is having the opportunity to combine both electrical and biomedical engineering together.

Okay. I am off to rescue our poor dog..who now has no spaghetti on her..just a big piece of tape?

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