Monday, July 12, 2010

It's The New Zoo Review..

..okay. So the song has been stuck in my head for 3 DAYS!!! (for those of you old enough to even remember this song..)

So here is a review of the Bates Family Life Zoo..

Chickens? We lost count! There are too many. They are eating my cucumbers. They are free range most of the time (unless it is a really busy tubing weekend on the river..lots of tourists, etc...then we keep them in a pen) Lately..when they are not invading the garden..they are choosing to stay in the chicken coop because it is cooler.

Dog. Poor thing..still banished to the outdoors because we have not taken the stickers out of her fur yet.

Fish: We are down to one foster fish. It has gotten huge.

Now for the peoples...

Mostly? They are doing this:

Building a garage. The building Big B and Cody were looking at purchasing fell through. Big B's friend laid a slab for us on the side of the the decision was made. Run a garage from the house. (one benefit when you have no zoning codes???)

It started raining..a soon as they had formed the there was a lot of calculating to be done to adjust for all the (ugh) warping. Finally..the sun has returned so the boys are all back to work. 2 cars currently await to be fixed...and then there is a waiting list. (Big B and Cody have decided to fix cars by appointment only for some logistical reasons) Meaning? There is a bit of a rush to get this done.But as of today..the roof is almost done. The slab is laid and a lift is in smaller repairs may resume.I think a brake job awaits tonight.

Now for specific peoples..I would like to start with Big B

What can I say? He is still like the energizer bunny..he keeps going, and going, and going. Sometimes, with humor, even. This past week has been rough.
 It is no secret that Brian is pretty much in an indentured servant situation at work due to insurance. His boss has taken full advantage over this fact since the moment Austen was diagnosed with epilepsy and Big B with his chronic stuff. The boss guy acknowledged that theycould no longer qualify for their own insurance and has shamelessly taken advantage of this fact. It has been hard for Big B to stick it out. Yet..what choice does he have? Despite all the fuss over universal health care..the fact is that the right to purchase insurance is still denied to many in this country. Big B is one of those many.

This past week Big B's boss switched insurance companies. Until we know if he will get the blessing of the insurance gods to qualify for coverage..we pay for Big B's maintenance meds out of pocket. Not an option..really. It is a little more than $100 a day to keep this guy out of the emergency room/ICU...and that is only Big B.You do the math! So for anyone who wants to give me a lecture on the evils of my family having the right to purchase insurance..just a head's up..this is not the time to do it. 

But Big B? He just jokes about it and tells the kids he needs to borrow their muscles a little more because we have bills to pay!..which leads me to

Da' Boys:

   Cody is just fun to have around this summer. He is changing and growing before my eyes.  Here he is getting ready to head to a friend's wedding.  Cody and I are spending a couple hours a day during the week reading and writing essays. Okay..he is writing..I'm editing. It is neat to see him start to elaborate on his thinking a little. The rest of the time? He plays soccer.  He plays a little Ultimate Frisbee. He works on cars and the garage...and his favorite of all. He hangs with his girlfriend.

Austen, meanwhile, has discovered a larping (live action role play) group in San Antonio. He has taken his sword beating to another level. So Saturday Nights? To the park it enter a fantasy world of humans and non-humans, good and evil..and all sorts of interesting characters.

He is having a blast.

When Austen is NOT playing make-believe..he and friend Travis spend hours at the river. They are, without a doubt, river rats this summer. Most fun? Dropping from tall trees next to unsuspecting tubers in the river. It almost reminds one of Robin Hood and his Merry Men..dropping on unsuspecting travelers.

Austen, too, has discovered a little bit of Ultimate Frisbee.Compliments of....Angee and Brian. YES! They are back from Singapore! Brian and Angee seemed to have had a great time. Brian did, anyway...and are now back to work..and frisbee. Why? Because Brian enjoys frisbee. They have a group of about 40 kids who meet a few days a week at a nearby highschool and play for a couple hours. Who knew?

...and then we return to Levi.
Levi continues to bring unexpected joy into all of our lives...

and Finally?

I got my hair cut!  (I am still wearing the sleep deprived look..that cannot be avoided for awhile) It was quite the adventure. I was informed that No..You can not have a Dianne Keaton hair style because you do not have Dianne Keaton's hair! (and many other things were said at my expense that I will spare you here) THAT is what happens when you go to a friend's hair salon. You are open game for verbal abuse!  You know what's weird though? The cut I got..looks just like the hair of my older self in the dream I had not too long ago. Now that??

That is eerie.

Weekly Menu (by request)
Monday: lasagna, french bread, salad, frozen hot chocolate
Tuesday: cold tomato soup, prosciutto(optional) artichoke and mozzarella sandwich, sliced peaches
Wednesday: Greek lemon and oregano mahi, mahi, sauteed zucchinni, salad and sliced fruit, peach cobbler
Thursday: Chicken Cacciatore, pasta, sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese,brownies
Friday: make your own pizza,buffalo wings,watermelon
Saturday: venison and/or veggie burgers with stuff (avacado, mushroom, onions, tomatoes, etc.), layered fruit with lime dressing
Sunday: red pepper humus pita sandwiches, crunchy fruit salad

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