Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mission Accomplished..Almost we (my sister and I) spent the weekend on this massive cooking venture with Levi insisting on hanging in the kitchen THE ENTIRE all day.

Step one? Mood music. We put the t.v. on the coffee house music station.
Step two? Find a zillion containers and stuff..and set up an extra table in the kitchen to assemble stuff on.
Step three..make a huge container of spaghetti sauce..with and without meat.

We cooked 13 meals to be frozen (yeah)..Most with venison and/or a veggie version.

 cannelloni with meat sauce, cannelloni with sauce
 lasagnas with meat sauce, lasagnas
 manicotti  with meat sauce, manicotti
 plain old spaghetti sauce..both versions              
 then? meatloafs,
         taco pies
         cheesy corn casseroles...

Finally? We quit. Levi (who like his cousin Austen seems to love the kitchen) was not sleeping until we were finished!. As soon as last dish was stuck in freezer..he crashed...for a very long time.

As we cooked away...Austen, Cody and Brian continued in the garage. Look! It is a working garage with doors that lock and We only need to finish the roof and walls.

Brian and Angee came over.
The Ramirez clan came over..
We celebrated Big Richard and Big B's birthdays. We ate barbecue and veggie burgers.
We made brownies.
We watched Invictus.

All in all not a bad weekend.              

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