Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Life in My Living Room.

In response to a fairly recent "Reflections on my 42nd Birthday" post. I have been asked (in person) numerous times..

So What Next?

In response, I would like to introduce you to Life in my Living Room.

These random pics represent my living almost any given time.

Any hour..honest to god..any hour, day or night.

We have a house of  teens and an infant.The kids.(.the short, the medium and the monstrously tall ones) keep similar sleeping/wake patterns,opinions, and sometimes temperaments.

I often state that I am hanging with my family because I can...but it is more than that.

I am home  because I want the luxury of time to nurture these relationships.

I believe it is important to be home so the teens can ignore me..and yes, being available to be both ignored and observed..does happen.

I have a friend named Jack.

Jack who dares me into parish ministry, and various other adventures. Jack who plays guitar with me. Jack told me recently,that he heard that children know everything their parents say/do within an 80 mile radius..even if they seem oblivous. Really. It's true...

....and sometimes?
 I believe Jack.

I want to grab those "green light moments" for both ridiculous and serious conversations.

So for a while?

Maybe a long while.(I hope)

 I am simply enjoying my Living Room Life.

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