Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June in Pics.

What can I say? We are summering!

We haphazardly follow the World Cup and watch Oprah and Big Bang Theory. These are our current t.v. addictions. We swim a lot. Garden. Cook. The boys and Big B spend a fair amount of time on framing the roof to our garage. The boys play soccer and hit eachother with foam swords...still with the foam swords. ..and we hang with Levi.

  Here is Levi when he is sleeping. We are starting to treasure when he is sleeping.

 Here is Levi hanging with the teens. This is just before they try on sunglasses and try to explain to him how resisters work. Then the teens decide that maybe, just maybe..they should show him how to unclench his fist first..Hmm

This is Levi oohing to Eeyore about the ridiculousness of his family.

This is Austen on his last day at work.He has decided to take the summer off to just  hang out.
Notice the scenery and clothing. We (as in Big B, Cody, Austen and I) are still hangin' in Bandera in our summer/swim gear (most of the time)

This is Brian and Angee. They are abandoning the Texas Hills for a little while to visit Angee's extended family in Singapore. Here they are pretending to be the Hulk??? ..I think.

It appears they are enjoying themselves. We are hoping for a slide-show of sorts (yes..we are a slide-show kinda family) when they get back.

All for this week. Next week? Tubing Tales..and the Art of Zen Tubing...or something of that nature.

Weekly Menu:
Monday: Aunt Sandy's Super Tacos (veggie, and carnivorous)
Tuesday: lasagna,spinach salad, mini bread-sticks
Wednesday: Eggplant Parmesan and fruit salad
Thursday: Minestrone and bruschetta
Friday: Spaghetti, french bread, salad
Saturday: Party at Pavliska's??? Will probably bring gazpacho or tabbouleh
Sunday: Make your own shishkabobs (to throw on the grill) for 4th of July!

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