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Homeschooling Transcripts

Ahh..the inevitable "but what about their transcripts"  question has returned.

Every few years, one of the boys needs a transcript for some program, course, job or school.

We pull our previously homemade transcripts from our computer and update to the best of our ability.

I do not feel comfortable giving our children grades..so I don't. Only one university has ever complained..and they laughed and said, "Just make them up." So I did.

The boys and I discuss life goals as they become young teens..and then try to make sure they meet the requirements for various programs that they are interested in. This has served us well.

This morning Cody announced he wanted to attend a local c.c. this Fall and attend a specific BIG PUBLIC UNIVERSITY in the Fall of 2011..or at least try. I went to pull up transcript, only to discover, we did not have it! ACK.

Cody and I spent the a.m. recreating the past 4 years to the best of our ability.

As I was doing this, it reminded me how panicked I became (and still do occasionally) when I first needed to create a transcript for Brian. I wanted to be honest. I wanted him to get into a really cool and competitive summer engineering program.  I didn't know what would be okay. I read books. I called friends. I looked at sample homeschooling transcripts from other families. I called more friends.

Finally? I picked up the phone and (gasp) asked the program what they needed! They were very helpful...and after that, each time became easier. I learned to call and ask.

Honesty is a big thing with me. The boys really do have a lot of control of their own learning..but if I put something on a transcript..than they better have done it..or promise(and follow up) to do it with me in the next x number of weeks..like crash course studying (one of the true beauties of learning at your own pace) This has served us well, so far.

So..I thought I would post what the boys transcripts look like so far. It is just a sample..for any of those out there going through the home-school, transcript panic.

Please note..due to layout of blogger I can't split this by Fall and Spring..so I am just putting the Fall. Please bring  your imaginations along..(and no..I would NEVER ask an official administrator to use their imagination ..though I'm sure they do).and  please know the other half of our page shows Spring..with same info or makes any changes that may have occurred.
Cody  xyz
Date of Birth: xyz
soc.sec. number
                                              Bates Family Home School

High School Credits from Friday School (2007-2008) :  Spanish 1  A
                                                         Grade 9
Global Systems Science                                                                 
Intro. to Composition                                                                     
Business Math                                                                             
Alg. 1/2                                                                                         
World History (focus on Genocide studies)                                    
American Government                                                                         
Friday School:                                                     
Intermediate Art     A                                                                      
Spanish 2              A-                                                                       

Extra Curricular:
Jr. Staff  Boys and Girls Club (computer upkeep and repair, mentoring,
                            city-wide paper  recycling program)
HeartCore for Darfur (awareness raising of genocide Darfur, Sudan)
Odyssey of the Mind: Boys and Girls Club - State Finalist
                                San Antonio HERO - World Finalist
 private guitar lessons
 soccer: Bandera and FEAST(Family Educators Alliance South Texas):stopper, midfield, sweeper - JV and Varsity

Summer 2008:
Student Ambassador People to People (England, France, Italy)
Junior Staff Boys and Girls Club (lifeguard and mentoring, recreational soccer coach)
private tutoring: Algebra 1/Geometry     A
Computer Programming (JAVA)      A

                                                                 Grade 10

Ancient World Lit                                                                                 
Ancient World History                                                                          
Biology with Lab                                                                                   
Latin 1                                                                                                 
Intro to Computer Animation                                                                 
Friday School:
Algebra 2                                                                                            
Advanced Art    A

Extra Curricular:
Boys and Girls Club Junior Staff (computer upkeep and repair, recreational soccer,teen recycling program, mentoring)
Heart Core for Darfur,  San Antonio Interfaith Darfur Coallition,
STAND (student anti-genocide coalition)
Odyssey of the Mind: BGCA - winner Renatra Fusca award - World Finalist
Soccer: Bandera-midfield, FEAST-goalie/Varsity

Summer 2009: 
Soccer (Jongo-Bonito, rec. league, sweeper)
 Lifeguard (Flying L Guest Ranch)
San Antonio Darfur Coallition (refugee family support), STAND
                                                                 Grade 11

Intro to the Great Books 1                                                                  
U. S. History                                                                                        
Friday School:
Advanced Math (trig and pre-cal)                                                       
Honors Chemistry        A                                                                      
Financial Peace            A                                                                      
Penn Foster Automotive Repair:                                                       
Learning Strategies     93                                                       
Introduction To Automotive Technology  100                       
Automotive Parts And Operation    100                               
Automotive Engine Types   92                                         
Practical Exer For Instr Pk 1 Auto Technician  87

Extra Curricular:
San Antonio Interfaith Darfur Coalition-refugee family support, STAND
Soccer : FEAST -goalie/ Varsity
Odyssey of the Mind- State Finalist
self-employed: auto and transmission repair

Summer 2010:
self-employed: auto and transmission repair
 Penn Foster Automotive Repair
                                       Grade 12 (still to be determined..tentative)
-will involve Calculus, Physics, Economics, Speech and either business classes or running a business/businesses.

Extra Curricular:
Soccer- FEAST -Varsity, position TBA
 (other is still unknown)
*Friday School is a homeschooling co-operative in San Antonio with over 200 families. The grades listed above are received from this co-operative. from a private tutor or from a correspondence course. Our family does not generally give grades to our children. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Nicole xyz at (xyz) 3xx-3xxx.

Austen xyz
Date of Birth: xyz
soc.sec. number
                                                           Bates Family Home School
High School Credits from Riverside Homeschool Initiative 2008/09:
Biology      A                         
Ancient World Lit.   A    
Ancient World Hist.  B          

Summer 2009:
Summer Staff Boys and Girls Club:(lifeguard, assist with programs)
 ELCA National Youth Gathering - New Orleans, LA
                                                            Grade 9

20th Century World History                                                               
20th Century World Lit.                                                                    
*Riverside Homeschool Initiative                                     
Algebra   B                                                                                
Integrated Physics and Chemistry   A                                  
Intro. to Architecture                                                                 
Culinary Arts            A                                                                   
Intermediate Art      A                                                                    

Extra Curricular:
Jr. Staff  Boys and Girls Club (preparing snacks, mentoring, city-wide recycling program)
Odyssey of the Mind :Boys and Girls Club- Bandera -State Finalist
                                San Antonio HERO -World Finalist                
Riverside Players-community theater: Set Construction for Loving Affection
Lifeguard at Flying L Water Park                                              

Summer 2010:
lifeguard at Flying L.Water-Park
                                                               Grade 10 (to be determined)
more Alg./geometry, and is requesting art, culinary studies (more), fashion design and more IPC

*Riverside Homeschool Initiative is a Waldorf Inspired Democratic Homeschool Cooperative. The grades listed above are received from this co-operative. Our family does not generally give grades to our children. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Nicole xyz at (xyz ) 3xx-3xxx.

There you have it..a very long post, involving two partial and incomplete transcripts What can I say?

We are all still Leaders in Progress...

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