Tuesday, June 01, 2010

An Odyssey Mini-Series

snippets of six tell a tale.

e.e. cummings turned mini series

 a journey to world finals exposed.

The trip

    unending travel on roads well known

   crop-planes, trees, legends of rock marathon

  missippi river overflows banks, natives unique

  natives impressively kind, flat tire, pizza

 michigan state, international dorm, temporary home

The event

we meet with teams from afar

japan, russia, mexico, cuba and more

some search for friends from before

friends from poland, friends from hong kong.

opening ceremonies "let the games begin"!

listen and learn, meet and greet

 repair, pin trade, prepare, compete, compete

Buddy teams

san antonio, texas meets anglo-chinese school, singapore.

play games, exchange gifts, converse, larp

much curiosity on times teams meet.

texas meets two days a week

sometimes one, we start in september

singapore meets every day before school

the season for odyssey starts february

texas must place regionals, then state

singapore competes directly at nationals; places

texas meets afternoons at coaches house

singapore meets three a.m.at school!

much curiosity on school and homeschool

discussion on tests, or lack thereof

discuss life goals, or lack thereof

live action role play (foam sticks)

time to get back to work

problem solutions are secret no more

Anglo-Chinese School, Singpore Div.III
      confucius guards the pearly gates (teeth) 

San Antonio H.E.R.O. (home educators resource organization) Texas, Div. III
    sit and spin vehicle travels donutopia

Anglo-Chinese School, Singapore
    performance-amazing. style-amazing. spontaneous-amazing.

    placed fourth in the world! (grin)     

S.A.H.E.R.O., Texas Div.III
  vehicle-awesome, style-okay, spontaneous-oops?

   did not place fourth at worlds!

Coming to a close
 sore throats, closing ceremonies, party, sleep.

Our return home
the original six states, reversed. 

movies, music while moms melt down.

sun sets over welcomed, familiar roads.

Our coach
 to caring, patient, witty, kind sardinemama
  thanks. our journey IS our destination!

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