Sunday, June 06, 2010

Musings On Oil Spill

When the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned, the last fish has been caught, will we realize we can't eat money. ~ Cree Proverb

I saw this quote while reading a series of responses to an article on NPR. The reporter had visited various gas stations in NYC asking people if they felt any connection between their purchasing of gas and the effects of BP oil spill.
Most interviewed were outraged at BP, but not willing to take responsibility for their  own buying power in the equation.

I read this article from NPR shortly after reading another post from sardinemama on our carbon footprints. (in a nutshell).

I started looking at our lifestyle, and really having to admit that I, too, play a role in some of our eco-disasters. I play a role in all of my day-to-day decisions.

Good grief, we just took a 3,000+ mile trip to Michigan and back! Talk about gas consumption...and would I do it again? I would have to say, yes...because I want that opportunity for my children. This, however, makes me a conscious player in the oil consumption problem. 

So which is make mistakes out of ignorance? Or as a conscious choice?

Hmm..maybe I could take a train?

While reflecting on all of this global ecological awareness stuff...I stumbled onto this

I encourage all readers to browse. I have signed my family (and myself) up for the week-long challenge this summer (date to be announced). Anyone care to join us in this venture?

In the meantime..we are summering!

Frisbee, tubing, gardening, building a garage, just hanging out..and that?!...has been almost  oil purchase free.

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